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5 Things I Do When I Get Sick



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Sometimes, even with the best of intentions and the healthiest lifestyle, we still get sick. I still get sick. I’m a human! I live with a preschooler, I’m out and about at kid-packed places like children’s museums, libraries and Target, I take group fitness classes and as much as I do what I can to avoid illness, I’m constantly exposed and sometimes, I get sick. Case and point: Friday. I woke up feeling alright, had a big super smoothie and a coffee with collagen and MCT oil, and my stomach starting feeling funny when I was driving Sage to school. As soon as I arrived home I knew something wasn’t right. After some time in the bathroom (I’ll spare you the gory details), I thought maybe something I ate just wasn’t sitting right (which was odd, because I hadn’t eaten anything out of the ordinary), but when it continued, and then I started to feel dizzy, nauseated and dry mouthed- my mom, who had come by to watch the girls while I saw clients suggested I take my temperature. 100.5. I can’t remember the last time I had a fever! I promptly cancelled my clients (who thankfully, were understanding and happy I didn’t come and infect them!), texted my husband and settled in to rest for the day. 

Thankfully, much due to my healthy lifestyle I am sure, it was short lasting and I recovered quickly- within about 24 hours. So I thought I would share the top 5 things I do when I DO get sick to recover quickly:



1. REST. No really, rest! I was very thankful to have my mom in town to watch my girls (Mostly my big girl, as little sister mostly wanted to snuggle and nurse- ok by me! She gets those precious antibodies to prevent her getting sick) so I cancelled my clients and rested. All day. Rest is THE best way you can allow your body to recover. Whatever you need to do- declare a movie day and snuggle those kids up in bed, rest.


2. LOTS and lots of fluids- but specific ones! Everyone tells you to drink lots of fluids when sick, but I focus on three specific fluids: 1. Water with electrolytes (or coconut water)— electrolytes are key to prevent dehydration and headache. I like electrolyte packets like Ultima to stay hydrated, or coconut water works great. 2. Kombucha. 70% of your immune system is in the gut- gut health is crucial for healing (and the ginger was an added bonus for an icky belly!). 3. Bone broth- rich in minerals for electrolyte balance and collagen for cell repair and gut health.



3. Hold off on food for a bit. I’m not one to recommend fasting except in specific cases- being sick is one of them. Semi-fasting, focusing on liquids such as those listed above and things like smoothies can give your body the rest it needs from digesting to focus on healing. I waited until I felt like eating (about 8 hours) to have a little something (Simple Mills crackers first, to make sure they stayed down, and then some chicken soup with broth— my husband used Bonafide Provisions, found in the freezer section of most health food stores, because I was out of our stash! But here is my recipe:


4. Fill up on easy to digest, NUTRIENT-RICH foods. No saltines and ginger ale for me. Throwing your blood sugar out of whack is sure to up the inflammation- which will not help you recover! However, this is one of the only times you’ll hear me recommend eating lower fat— too much fat can be hard on the digestive system so stick to simple, protein and vitamin-rich foods. I made a collagen protein smoothie with blueberries, ginger, spinach, almond milk, a little almond butter and of course, collagen protein, for breakfast to help me recover.



5. Simple, Health-supportive supplements. As soon as I felt good enough, I loaded up on Vitamin C (camu camu powder is my favorite food-based source; berries and citrus works well, too), Vitamin D (drops), probiotics and fish oil— all immune boosting and all simple supplements you should have on hand for general health!


Do you have favorite things you do when you get sick? 






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