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Hey there friends, it’s been a while since I shared one of these posts on what I ate in a day- and mostly because, similar to what I shared in my last post- I just don’t think about food as much as I used to!

I used to take photos of EVERY single meal I ate, track every morsel of food in my mouth and it was exhausting! Finding peace with food means I now know what feels good, and I let my intuition (and what we have on hand!) guide the way when it comes to my food choices and my days are riddled with thoughts about food and my body. But I do love food- all types of food- and I love sharing tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way, and I know you guys love these posts. So I’m going to do my best to share these casual, What I ate posts a little more frequently!

As a note before I share– remember these posts aren’t meant as an ‘I eat this so you should too’ diary. They are, instead, encouragement in the freedom I have found with food– and that I hope you will find, too, when you make peace with food and find what works best, for you. If these posts trigger restrictive thoughts- I encourage you to explore more of my posts on Intuitive Eating.


This morning was a Sunday morning with my husband away, so we had a more relaxed morning. Often times I’ll drink a smoothie, but because I had more time, I threw together this wrap. Have you sensed by now wraps are one of my favorite meals? I love them! Give me a wrap over a sandwich any day. More filling-to-carb ratio ;). These wraps are Rudi’s spelt wraps. I find my gut does better with ancient grains (spelt) or sprouted if there is gluten involved– these make me feel great, though they are a tad bit crumbly! This wrap had sauteed spinach, eggs, cheese and some sriracha to dip (a must, for breakfast wraps!).

I should mention- I also started the day with my usual coffee. Some concoction of collagen, mct oil, a few drops of stevia + whatever adaptogens I’m feeling I need at the time.


We did some grocery shopping after church, and Sage (my five year old) requested a salad mix– and since we were low on actual groceries, I agreed and we both enjoyed this (sans dried corn, for her). It was a southwest style avocado ranch salad, and it was delicious! I knew I needed protein to keep me full so I added a couple slices of deli turkey (I told you we were low on groceries!). I love to keep simple protein items on hand I can throw onto a meal like this to keep me full. Hard cooked eggs are a good option, too. I did wish I had more avocado to slice on top!


It was finally warm enough (in my book) for iced coffee- so while the baby napped, I sat with my herb babies and my big kid out on the balcony for a bit before starting meal prep. This was just cold coffee + ice + heavy cream.

Time for meal prep!

Snack 2

I have been seriously enjoying this dark chocolate maca ball recipe I created for The Supermama Society. I ate one while I was prepping (notice the change of clothes, it was warm!

I thought this would be funny to share– this is an instagram vs. reality moment, right here– the baby woke up just before I could snap a couple pictures of my Sunday prep for instagram!

This particular week, I prepped some basics: black beans in the instant pot for a couple meals, those maca balls I mentioned above, almond milk, pre-prepped some veggies (the other half of the eggplant was roasting for dinner) and veggie meatloaf muffins for dinner and a lunch or two. Easy, pre-prepped options are key when I’m by myself with the kids!

Because it was such a warm, sunny day, we decided to embark on an adventure in the afternoon after Wren woke up from her nap. Ice cream time!

There were so many years past that I wouldn’t have let myself enjoy an ice cream cone if I hadn’t worked out that morning (I hadn’t) or eaten ‘perfectly’ earlier, or had a snack prior. It’s nice to have the freedom to have a treat and share that joy with my kids, without overthinking it!

We spent the afternoon on the playground- Wren has been perfecting her new trick, climbing up the slide and sliding back down on her belly. We did that over and over until mama was getting tired and it was inching a little too close to bedtime.


This picture was actually from lunch the next day– I forgot to take a picture night-of! But we kept it simple: roasted eggplant (ate at least double this) and meatloaf muffins. Simple, but super satisfying.I also had a glass of wine after the kids went to bed. It’s the little things!

I can’t remember if I had anything that evening– often times I’ll finish the night with a couple squares of dark chocolate or some reishi hot chocolate, but this night I’m pretty sure I was satisfied and just finished the night there. Every day is different, and that’s ok!

I hope this was encouraging to you, friends- you don’t need to eat ‘perfectly’ to enjoy a treat, every day is different and it’s all about simple strategies (like meal prep) to enjoy more meals that are both satisfying AND nourishing.If you want more posts like these– let me know over on Instagram + Facebook!

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