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Happy May!

I can hardly believe we’ve already been social distancing for over seven weeks. We did a BIG grocery shop at the beginning of the week, so we’ve been enjoying some more fresh foods and I’ve been enjoying being more creative with what foods we have on hand. Our goal is to go a full three weeks- til May 9, without shopping. We’ll certainly need to get creative- but I’m sure we can make it happen!

Before I continue know these meals are what has been working for me and my body and my preferences- this is not a prescription for what you *should* eat- if you’re feeling that nagging comparison monster, head over and read these posts instead.

Let’s dig in: here are some of the meals we’ve been enjoying over the last week or so!


I‘ve still been into big and filling smoothie bowls- a base of frozen steamed zucchini with berries has been my favorite (along with protein powder, nut milk and nut butter) and lots of toppings!

I’ve also been into our sourdough, enjoying big slices with butter, sauteed spinach and egg on top.

Yes, I need a manicure badly!

More smoothie bowls… I find the drizzle of nut butter and crunchy granola on top is SO satisfying and fun to eat (my favorite- food should be fun!).


As usual, lunches are largely leftovers- I’ve also been enjoying big wraps. Eggs are a favorite, especially if I don’t have them at breakfast.

Leftover pizza (we had pizza on Monday night after a long day of work for my husband and myself!) with extra greens and some dressing to dip.

Another wrap: a siete foods tortilla with turkey, avocado, arugula, sprouts and hot sauce.

Big messy salads tossed with homemade dressing and leftovers (this is leftover oven fried chicken- YUM) are also a go-to.


We’re doing our best to ration the Butcherbox meat in our freezer so we’ve been having lots of veggie meals to fill in.

This one was inspired by one of my favorite cookbook authors- Heidi Swanson. Her flavor combinations are largely influenced by her worldwide travel- and they’re always spot on.

This is roasted broccoli and pan-seared tempeh with lemon zest and fresh parmesan over quinoa with lemony greek yogurt.

The pizza from Monday- with a glass of wine from our favorite clean wine club, Dry Farm Wines.

We’ve also been super into tacos, lately (can you sense a trend? We’re all about pizza and tacos in this house!).

Sage, my six year old- loves making the guacamole. She’s a master!

This recipe for shrimp tacos with pineapple salsa will be on the blog soon.

This was one of our FAVORITE meals- pizza chicken fingers with roasted butternut squash and sauteed kale (pizza sauce to dip). The recipe is on my Instagram feed.

And we can’t forget dessert. I have dessert pretty much every night, and yes- I DO love it straight from the pint! This is my favorite dairy-free ice cream brand (I do eat dairy, but too much hurts my belly- so when I find an alternative I LOVE, it’s the best!).

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into some of my eats! As much as I’m thankful they’re starting to open up businesses, we have been getting into a groove here at home. I hope you are, as well!

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