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What a couple of weeks. What a couple of months. As I shared to my email list this morning, It has been a heavy week. It’s been a heavy year, and this past week just felt the weight of it all. I took time off of social media, and some on, listening and learning from my BIPOC sisters and brothers how to best support them, and how to move forward in teaching my children better. I was raised we were all the same- and I am thankful for that perspective- but something that moved me deeply into action this week was the reality that we’re NOT the same- and this is what makes us  such a beautiful humanity. And also, still, a deeply divided one. We are different- equal, but different, and we shouldn’t deny our heritage or our friends- but instead come to it with curiosity and willingness to learn, to not fully understand but support and be willing to stand up for what is right. That’s just my own perspective and learning, this week and I still have plenty to learn. I love you all and am committed to doing better for you and your families- not just inclusive as I have always been, but diversity seeking and honoring.

I will be taking action, not just now but in the future- with things like diversifying the podcast, supporting Black owned businesses and causes that create change- and continuing to educate myself and my children on what it means to stand up for all. All that being said, it is still my job to share with you what food freedom looks like- because I know our struggles with food and our body or desire to live a healthy life don’t go away when the world is in crisis. We can work for a better world, while working for a better self. I’ve been saving up a ton of food photos from the last couple of weeks, so here are some meals at home- Part 6.


I was craving a bagel a couple of weeks ago after a nice long run- my husband was nice enough to go out and pick us up a couple of fresh ones. SO good.

Back to breakfast as usual- lots and lots of smoothie bowls (see the little helper hand?!). This is my latest favorite granola- Vanilla Almond Butter by Purely Elizabeth.

Pancake Saturday is BACK with sourdough pancakes + blueberry sauce (YUM).

Plus some eggs, because mama needs some protein!

Eggs with allll the dill + half a leftover chicken sausage. So satisfying.


This week was recipe testing week, so I had some leftover salad + a bit of tuna salad on the side for protein. The rest of the week was pretty much all leftovers!

Kale caesar with leftovers

And at the end of the week– bagged salad mix with leftover chicken + pickled onions. Simple but delicious and satisfying!

My favorite lunch of all- picnic style! We went for a little family walk in the woods and brought a whole spread for lunch.

Hummus, carrots, prosciutto, cheese, pear, chocolate covered almonds. I could eat this every day!


Dinners were also filled with lots of leftovers (sneak peek when you scroll down) but we did enjoy veggie burgers on Monday night that were SO good- especially with some sauteed mushrooms and grass-fed cheddar (you can’t see all the goodies in the salad, but it had sunflower seeds, sundried tomatoes, cucumbers + dressing as well as pickled onions)

Plus taco night! This has become a weekly thing for us, and none of us are complaining!

I did a cooking demo on Facebook Live for Momunity and we made our family favorite pizza chicken tenders!

Last but not least- date night at home was truffle ravioli with sausage, arugula and parm. No, we’re not sharing, kids… 😉

And a sneak preview of a few of the recipes coming up on the blog for spring + summer!

Until next week!

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