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Well friends, we are definitely getting to the end of our fresh food- it feels good to use what we have- both for our wallets and our safety! This was certainly a week of use what we’ve got- it’s not fancy, but it’s real life!

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The last of the smoothie ingredients- a little frozen steamed zucchini, blueberries, homemade almond milk, protein powder (my current fave for gut health- it’s not super sweet so I do like adding some monk fruit for sweetness!) and almond butter (plus toppings!).

I’ve also had some more drinkable smoothies (as we ran out of thick veggie-filled smoothie ingredients!).

More sourdough always in the works! I’ve been troubleshooting because my loaves haven’t had as much rise- SO thankful for the Sourdough Sisterhood created by Laura and Ashley– but they have been JUST as delicious!

Plus, smaller loaves just means more toast, right?! My favorite combo- arugula, kite hill almond milk cream cheese, sunny side up eggs.


If it’s not leftovers, it’s wraps! I love these paper thin and flavorful shelf-stable coconut wraps (we get the Thrive Market brand). Lately I’ve been making tuna salad with avocado oil mayonnaise, sundried tomatoes and fresh dill. Wrapped up with arugula- yum.

I’ve also been turning the arugula (my all-time favorite green!) into salads with tuna, feta, tomatoes, Primal Kitchen dressing and kraut. Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!

And of course- lots of leftovers. This is leftover mung bean pasta (SO filling!) with cashew cream (recipe here) and roasted broccoli.


Tacos- are you surprised? Sage and I made these tacos and her famous guac on the Flourish Fund by Momunity page and it was a hit! Black beans, roasted sweet potatoes, cabbage and cilantro in cashew wraps.

I have been LOVING the Party in Your Plants Cookbook by Talia Pollock (listen to her interview on the podcast here!). This is her red peppa pesto on brown rice pasta (Jovial foods) and eggplant fries. SO darn good.

Oh wait, more pasta? Yes- I’ve been on a kick! The same as you saw in leftover form. It doesn’t look pretty- but the flavor is SO great, and that’s what matters (at least in this case!).

Finally… more tacos! This time with homemade sourdough tortillas. Still working on the recipe (I need a press to make them thinner) but they were good. My cilantro is still going strong (using the jar method) and I served it up with shredded chuck roast (cooked with broth and sea salt in the slow cooker for 10+ hours- it made enough for 2+ meals), salsa, Sage’s guac and hot sauce.

I keep finding Sage in the kitchen smashing her own guac to have with Siete chips for a snack! She’s cute, don’t you think?!

Lots of art projects in our house, these days!We’ll be doing another big shop this weekend, which means more meals coming up!

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