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Meal Plan Monday: Week of 9/27 (recipes + meal prep)



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Happy Monday, healthy mamas!

Something you’ve been asking for, as I’ve been talking a ton more about meal planning in my Meal Planning Bliss Challenge Facebook group (there’s still a week left to join us) is to see my weekly meal plans, and though I do share them over on Instagram stories– I don’t have the ability to add links (yet!). So I thought I’d introduce a new segment here on the blog– to share with you our weekly meal plan, as well as what I’m prepping for the week to make the meal plan happen!

To plan, I start with checking out my fridge, freezer and pantry- and I use my 4-3-2-1 meal planning method (read more here or listen to this episode), based on what I have, and fill in anything I want to make, this week!This week we actually had leftovers from some recipe prep we did last week for a couple of videos for the re-launch of Healthy Mama Meal Prep, so we started there, and added on based on what we had!

Here’s our plan, for the week:

Meal 1: Butternut squash, kale and chickpea curryMeal 2: Instant Pot White Chicken ChiliMeal 3: Pumpkin Rigatoni (from Pinch of Yum)Meal 4: Creamy Chicken Enchilada Soup (recipe in process)Meal 5: Chickpea Stew (this one is new to us, so we haven’t tried it- here’s the link)

I explain in this post why I only plan for five meals (sanity game changer!).

What I prepped ahead:

I used a combination meal prep style (I teach the three meal prep styles in my healthy mama meal prep course) this week- since I had already filmed one recipe- it was done and ready to go on Sunday, so I only prepped for the rest (when I prepped for the curry, also prepped for the chili and other meals, this week- peppers and onion, chopped kale)

  • Chopped peppers + onion
  • Chopped kale
  • Coconut milk for smoothies
  • Shredded chicken (white chicken chili + enchilada soup)
  • BONUS: Garden veggie tomato sauce (to use up leftover farm veggies)

Hands-on time: 30 minutes (+ a couple hours of low simmering for the sauce)

Do you want to learn my best meal prep hacks for efficient meal prep for your family? Join me next week over on Facebook at 3pm EST for a free class all about my best Healthy Mama Meal Prep Hacks- RVSP here! Not on Facebook? Get on my email list for a replay you’ll also get my free stress-free eating guide.

Have a beautifully balanced week, friends!

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