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Meal Plan Monday: Week of 12/7 (recipes + meal prep)



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Happy Monday, healthy mamas!

It’s time for another weekly meal plan! It is finally starting to feel like December around here and I am ALL about the cozy soups and stews. We have a few weeks until Christmas, and though we’re not traveling this year, we’re spending these weeks leading up really cozying up, nonetheless, and this week’s meal plan and meal prep is definitely a reflection of that!

Here’s our plan, for the week, starting with a dish that’s on repeat for our family, all winter long!

Meal 1: Slow Cooker Beef, Sweet Potato and Kale Stew

Is there anything better than popping a soup or stew in the slow cooker only to have the house smell like delicious stew come dinner time, without having to do anything else? It’s truly the best.

Meal 2: Pasta with cashew cream and broccoli

Next up is pasta (we like using Banza chickpea pasta for some extra protein, spaghetti squash pictured above) with our favorite dairy-free cashew cream and broccoli.

Meal 3: Salmon with broccoli and coconut rice

We LOVE salmon in our house, and we have some delicious Butcherbox salmon in the freezer- so we’re making use of it!Here’s an IG Live I did sharing how I make the perfect seared salmon:

Meal 4: Sweet Potato, Kale and white bean soup with chicken sausage (or keep it veg!)

This is one of our favorite cozy fall meals! I decided I’d go ahead and share this one with you live on Instagram on Thursday, with my best tips for making soup from scratch!

Meal 5: Leftovers– mama needs a break, right?!

What I’m prepping ahead

This week I’m using my ingredient meal prep style (I teach the three meal prep styles in my healthy mama meal prep course).

  • Chop veggies: carrots, celery and onion (times two for soup)
  • Chop kale
  • Chop sweet potatoes
  • Chop broccoli
  • Make cashew milk for smoothies
  • *I would have made cashew cream if I didn’t already have some in the fridge, so add five minutes to the below time

Hands-on time: 25 minutes

It seems like it wouldn’t even be worth it to prep for so little, right? Oh my gosh- not at ALL! Monday’s dinner will come together in FIVE minutes (throw it all in the slow cooker), Tuesday’s in 15 or less, I’ll cook the salmon and veggies (no chopping needed) while the rice cooks in the rice cooker and on Thursday, well, you’ll see how easily it comes together! Prep makes weeknight meals SO darn easy.

Ready to learn my method for easy meal prep that will help you eat well, all week long- without exhaustion (and learn how to be a better cook, while you’re at it?)

Check out my best-selling course, Healthy Mama Meal Prep. This isn’t your average meal prep course (we don’t do average, over here!). This is the one and only meal prep course that teaches you how to meal prep for YOU with my signature three-style meal prep method. Because just like with nutrition, there is no one-size-fits-all way to meal prep! Learn more and get your meal prep on, today!

Have a beautifully balanced week, friends!

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