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Meal Plan Monday: Family Dinners Week of 5/9



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Happy Monday friends, I hope you all had a great Mother’s day with your families- you’ll see this week’s meal plan starts with ZERO cooking from me- as much as I love spending time in the kitchen, I just as much enjoy spending time outside of it, on occasion!This week’s meal plan is simple- zero prep (a rarity for me, but sometimes necessary!) and primarily using pantry and freezer ingredients- we’re still doing a pantry purge (follow along on Instagram where I share how I’m doing this!) Here’s what’s on our meal plan, this week:

Meal 1: Mother’s Day dinner, of course! Moving on…

Meal 2: Pasta (we like Banza chickpea pasta) with cashew cream (pictured above) and roasted broccoli.

This is our go-to almost-all-pantry meal. Since I know I ALWAYS keep lemons on hand, I don’t even really consider them a fresh ingredient- but chickpea pasta, cashews, spices and nutritional yeast are all staples in our house- so we just pair this meal with a veggie and it’s dinner, at least once every couple of weeks. The cashew cream comes together in no time and the kids devour it! We love Banza Pasta (I get it from Thrive Market) because it’s high in protein + fiber (more filling than regular pasta- though I love regular pasta, too!).

Make my go-to cashew cream sauce: Dairy-free cashew cream

Meal 3: One Pan Fajitas with chipotle cashew cream.

I still have so many frozen peppers and onions- fajitas are on the menu again! Since I always have leftover cashew cream, I love making a quick chipotle cashew cream to go on top- SO good. I’m making these with fajita marinated chicken (recipe here) but I also love making it with portabella mushrooms, instead of chicken! Get the recipe: One Pan Chicken Fajitas

Meal 4: Fresh Mex Balance Bowls

Another one of my favorite easy weeknight bowls from Balance in a Bowl. One of my favorite things about bowls is how versatile they are– my kids sometimes want corn, sometimes not. Sometimes they like cheese– you get the gist! These are an easy weeknight favorite, in our house.

Get the recipe: Fresh Mex Balance Bowls

Love this recipe? Grab 30 of my family’s favorite balanced bowl combinations- complete with all of the bases, proteins, veggies and sauces we love (60+ recipes in all) and experience the magic of meals-in-a-bowl!

Meal 5: Crispy Grain-free Chili Shrimp Tacos with honey lime slaw

Last but certainly not least, I’m making these crispy grain-free shrimp tacos with honey lime slaw over on Instagram! These are as delicious as they are simple- I know you’re going to love them!

Join me on Thursday at 2pm EST over on my Instagram!

NO prep this week– because it’s Mother’s day! Thankfully, this meal plan will come together in VERY little time- so no need to worry about prep. But for most weeks- prep is what keeps us going, even when we’re short on time!

Want to learn how to prep in just an hour a week? I’ve made my Flexible Meal Prep Masterclass public! Join me on Friday May 21st and prep alongside me!

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