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Meal Plan Monday: Family Dinners Week of 5/16



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The summer is certainly on the horizon as you can see our meal plans becoming more and more casual! Only four more weeks of (home)school for us and we are done for the summer– I’m also planning on taking a much-needed social media/podcast break– and our meal plan reflects moving towards a more relaxed season! LOTS of easy bowls, meals on the grill with family + close friends and simple meals- because eating delicious + balanced meals doesn’t need to be complicated! Here’s what’s on our meal plan, this week:

Meal 1: Grilling with the fam!

I’m recording a podcast episode with my sister, so we decided it was time to fire up my dad’s grill and make a nice pasta salad on the side– YUM.

Meal 2: Teriyaki Chicken Bowls

I’m still have some teriyaki chicken in the marinade in the freezer, and I’m using it to throw together simple Teriyaki Chicken Bowls (from Balance in a Bowl).

Make it: Teriyaki Chicken Marinade

Grab my Balance in a Bowl e-book for only $12.99 through the end of May!

Meal 3: Burgers with sweet potato fries (with friends!)

Our good family friends are back from a monthlong trip and so now that we can (safely) finally all hang out– we are grilling as much as we can! On the menu this week- burgers with sweet potato fries. I love these Copycat Trader Joe’s Chili Lime Chicken Burgers (put some foil down if you’re cooking them on the grill though, they do stick!)

Get the recipe: Copycat Trader Joe’s Chili Lime Chicken Burgers

Meal 4: Heat of the Summer bowl

Another one of my favorite easy weeknight bowls from Balance in a Bowl, especially for the summer! I LOVE these with my greek chicken marinade.

Meal 5: Lemon Basil Salmon Burgers + salad

Of course Thursday is Cook with Kris over on Instagram! Our second to last before our summer break features one of my longtime favorite personal chef recipes- lemon basil salmon burgers. Join me on Thursday at 2pm EST over on my Instagram to see how easy they are to make!

This week’s easy prep (we were out most of the day on Sunday, so kept it simple!)

  • Chop broccoli
  • Slice pepper
  • Slice zucchini
  • Defrost/cook teriyaki chicken
  • Marinate chicken tenders
  • Cook quinoa
  • Make pesto

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