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Meal Plan Monday: Week of 11/23 (recipes + meal prep)



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Happy week of Thanksgiving, mamas!

It’s time for another weekly meal plan— Thanksgiving style! We’re keeping it simple for the first few days this week, working on making space in the fridge for our (smaller) Thanksgiving feast, later this week. Scroll down for this week’s meal plan + meal prep plan to make it happen this week (plus, scroll for last-minute Thanksgiving inspiration!)

Here’s our plan, for the week:

Meal 1: Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili

My favorite super simple plant-based chili made from mostly pantry ingredients (I make it in the instant pot for more ease!).

Meal 2: Sweet Potato, Kale and Beef Stew

We LOVE this stew in the fall and winter months. So good. Having it in the slow cooker ready to go after a long day (Tuesday we’re filming for a project, so I could use the evening cooking break!).

Meal 3: Sausage with peppers & onions and rice

No recipe here, though I might share it over on Instagram because it’s just SO easy. Sauteed peppers and onions (frozen or fresh, whatever you’ve got on hand), rice in the rice cooker and sausage on the stove after the peppers and onions have cooked. 20 minute dinner- the best!

Meal 4: Pumpkin Rigatoni (from Pinch of Yum)

You all know my love for this recipe. We finish it in one fell swoop, so it’s perfect to avoid leftovers before Thanksgiving!

Meal 5: Thanksgiving!Need some last minute Thanksgiving inspiration? Check out all of this years’s Thanksgiving recipes!

What I’m prepping ahead

I kept prep SUPER simple just doing ingredient prep (plus cooking chili– I prepped the rest of the veggies as the chili is cooking). I teach the three meal prep styles in my healthy mama meal prep course!

  • chop/slice onions
  • chop/slice peppers
  • chop sweet potatoes
  • de-stem and chop kale
  • cook chili
  • defrost beef

Hands-on time: ~20 minutes (total time, about 75 including roasting chicken)

Ready to learn my method for easy meal prep that will help you eat well, all week long- without exhaustion (and learn how to be a better cook, while you’re at it?)

I hope you all have a beautiful and healthy, happy Thanksgiving! I’ll talk to you next week.

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