Ribollita (Tuscan Vegetable and Bread Stew)



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We were supposed to go to Tuscany, this summer, as our much-belated honeymoon-slash-10-year-Anniversary trip. But alas, 2020- sigh. But even though we weren’t able to drive through the rolling hills lined with vineyards, we can still bring a little taste of Northern Italy to our home with one of my favorite delightfully thick and hearty soups, Ribollita.

With a base of garlicky vegetables, creamy white beans, salty parmesan rind and dotted with thick hunks of bread, this soup is the perfect warming winter meal.Think of this recipe as a template; the traditional meaning of “Ribollita” is reboiled, so feel free to carry on the tradition of leftovers with some potatoes, cabbage (also traditional) or whatever other vegetables strike your fancy- I’m certain it only gets more delicious with each addition of vegetables.

As for the bread, stale is traditional- fresh will do. Anything from a think Italian pane to sourdough works. I love drizzling the bread chunks with oil and crisping in the oven before stirring it together- though this isn’t a requirement, it’s certainly a recommendation for the tastiest chunks of bread throughout.

I hope you enjoy this tiny taste of Tuscany as much as we do!

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