Fridge full of food and no idea what to cook?

It's time to S.O.S (save our supper!)

Do you ever feel like looking into your fridge (or freezer, or pantry) feels exactly like staring into a closet full of clothes and still thinking you have nothing to wear?

Have you been trying to meal plan, but still find yourself stuck when it comes to choosing healthy, real-food meals (especially ones your family will actually eat)?!

Do you struggle with finding meals that actually WORK on a weeknight- or meals you can easily prep ahead (without taking up your entire Sunday)?!

The SOS Family Dinners cookbook is here to save you!

Created by a trained chef, real food recipe developer and busy mama, the recipes in SOS Family Dinners are meant to satisfy both your tastebuds and your need for quick and easy, weeknight or easy prep-ahead dinners for days where you feel like you just can't even think about dinner, and weeks where your meal plan feels elusive.



​With over 35 family-friendly, kid-tested and approved recipes, (including over a dozen Instant Pot and slow cooker recipes for extra ease), SOS Family Dinners makes deciding what's for dinner easy by dividing recipes into main ingredient- so whether you're trying to figure out what to do with that pack of chicken thighs in your freezer or use up that lonely can of white beans in the pantry, the SOS Family Dinners cookbook will give you recipes you need, when you're short on time, patience or inspiration. 

35+ budget-conscious, family-friendly recipes to add to your meal plan (or make on the fly)

Over a dozen instant pot or slow cooker options for busy weekdays (no Instant Pot or Slow Cooker? There's options for stovetop, as well!)

Globally-inspired: delight your taste buds with Indian, Asian, Mediterranean, French, Mexican and American inspired recipes.

More than 10 meatless recipes (with lots of meat-free substitutions)!

Allergy-conscious: gluten-free, nut-free and dairy-free options and easy substitutions

4 weeks of clickable sample meal plans with prep suggestions.