I'm Kris- chef, culinary nutritionist and mama, and I'm here to share healthy(ish) meals you'll make for your family again and again, tips and tricks for flexible meal planning and realistic meal prep- so you can get meals on the table with less stress; and tips and tools for becoming a more confident cook- because the more confident you are, the more you'll want to stay in the kitchen.

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Grab a spatula, let's get cooking!

Uncomplicated cooking & easy weeknight meals are the name of the game in the healthy mama kitchen.

Welcome to my kitchen!

On this site, you'll find hundreds of recipes from breakfast to dinner, using (mostly) real food ingredients- because I believe food is best made from scratch. But I also believe in balance- so in addition to healthy alternatives, I don't shy away from using the occasional white flour and white sugar because chocolate chip cookies just aren't the same without them. From this page forward, I hope you'll find helpful tips, inspiration to try new ingredients and a delicious meal (or twenty!) to dig into. 

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What You'll Find HERE

Healthy(ish) meals

Flexible Meal Planning & Meal Prep 

Confident Cooking

I believe in cooking with and stocking your pantry and fridge with mostly real, whole food- but I also believe in balance! 

Flexible routines help us to take the stress out of dinnertime- I'm here to show you how to make them work for your family. 

The more confident you are, the more excited you'll be to cook. I can't wait to be your guide!