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I'm Kris, trained chef, culinary nutritionist and busy mom, here to help you take the stress out of healthy eating with flexible meal planning, simplified meal prep and easy budget-friendly meals.

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“I just don’t have time to eat healthy!”, is probably the biggest excuse I hear from women who want to get their health on track, improve their fitness, lose fat and have more energy. And I get it, I do. I’m a busy full-time mom of an active 3 year old, four months pregnant and owner of a private nutrition and health coaching practice. Not to mention the fact that my husband is a professional sailor and isn’t always around to help- I’ve made every excuse in the book, myself, to not eat as healthy as I should- just grab Chipotle (for the second time this week) or pull into Starbucks to pay $5 instead of making my own iced almond milk latte at home. I’m with you, mamas. But the thing is- eating healthy IS easy, with the right tools.

And one of the best tools in my toolbox? My fall-back when I simply have zero energy left to even think about food, my morning kickstart when I’m running out the door and my post-workout fuel I know will energize me for the whole morning- is the green smoothie. Or as we like to call it in the Healthy Mama Life community, the Super Smoothie.

I’ve been drinking green smoothies of some sort for years. I’ve always LOVED the concept of packing a TON of nutrition into one, simple, delicious, drinkable package. I started buying them when we were living in Toronto and juice bars, raw food restaurants and smoothie cafes were in abundance, and then moved onto making my own. Soon, working in the busy food industry and working on my holistic nutrition certification, they became a daily staple. Then I became a mom, and all bets for a structured meal plan or even a grocery list was thrown out the window. I relied on eggs and toast with nut butter for my ravenous nursing appetite in the morning, and admittedly, far too much on takeout at night. When I started getting back into shape at 5 months postpartum, I experimented with various superfood meal replacement drinks, that mostly lived up to their promises of increased energy and a wide variety of nutrients, but I often felt like I was drinking dollar bills with the high price point in something I KNEW I could make at home.


I needed another solution for myself and my friends who wanted a quick, healthy drink that doesn’t cost them their child’s college tuition. Enter: the super smoothie. A simple formula for creating a green smoothie that is filling, energizing, blood sugar balancing, AND delicious.

It couldn’t be more simple, really- throw a bunch of ingredients in a blender, blend and go. But the combination of ingredients is key- and what makes the super smoothies so darn special. It’s not your average green smoothie. It’s a balance of good nutrition, convenience and taste- all in one delicious super-nutrient package. There couldn’t be a better, quicker meal for busy moms on the go.


 Why I love them: 
+ They’re packed with crucial vitamins + minerals from veggies. It’s incredible how much nutritional deficiencies can block our ability to lose fat and maintain a healthy physique. Bump up those micronutrients!
+ They keep you FULL with fiber, protein + healthy fat to balance blood sugar for steady energy, manageable moods and full day fat burning. 
+  They’re portable. Bring it any where, and you only need one hand to drink!
+ They’re delicious! There are SO many varieties you’ll never get bored!
+ You can add superfoods to boost your health and energy like antioxidant-rich cacao, my favorite energizing maca powder, omega-rich hemp seeds, and more.
+ They’re awesome as a quick post-workout meal right when your muscles need it most!
+ There are no excuses for making a healthy meal when it takes 5 minutes and only one dish to wash!

Whether you’re a busy working mom or a stay at home mom who needs energy just to make it through the morning, there is no better quick meal fix than a nutrient-packed super smoothie. And oh yeah, they’re AWESOME for kiddos, and dads, too! My daughter drinks this same exact formula- in her 3-year old portions, at least three times a week for breakfast (usually on busy school mornings) and my husband takes one daily for after his bike ride to work (he prefers to start his day with butter coffee instead of a heavy morning meal- this works as both a post workout a light, energizing breakfast).

Want to jump on the super smoothie train? Join us on July 1st for our annual FREE monthlong HEALTHY MAMA SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE. 31 days of drinking one super nutrient-packed smoothie a day, as your breakfast, post-workout, lunch, afternoon snack– you choose! Feel the difference including one healthy meal in your healthy mama life. 

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