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I'm Kris, trained chef, culinary nutritionist and busy mom, here to help you take the stress out of healthy eating with flexible meal planning, simplified meal prep and easy budget-friendly meals.

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We started the first week of You Are a Supermama, my free mini course for moms (join the email list to be notified about the next round!) talking about the importance of real food and how simply making the switch to real foods over processed fare can drastically change your energy and your health (check out my Facebook Live for more). But chances are, if you’re reading this, you already know that. Chances are, you are reading my blog because you follow what I do and you KNOW real food is key in changing your family’s health. Real food is the catalyst to boosting your energy, balancing your hormones and improving your gut. It’s the first and best step you can take to a healthier mama life. But as simple as that sounds, it’s not always that simple to just up and change your entire diet, especially if it’s not the way you’ve lived your entire life (it wasn’t for me, promise- I grew up on Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese and Pop Tarts– this was not an overnight change for me, either!). That’s why I always advocate gradual changes- simply becoming aware of what you’re eating and making small changes, one by one until the healthy foods overtake the not-so-healthy. Because I don’t believe in good or bad foods. I believe in foods that nourish and foods that simply don’t. All foods fit into a balanced diet (that is, eating style) but we want to focus on foods that nourish us, because THESE are the foods that are going to make the biggest change in our lives. Real, whole foods. 

So how do we make it easy? How do we start making these simple changes to eat more real food? (And how do we do it without breaking the bank- there’s another reason many people eat so much processed food- it’s cheap). 


Make it homemade. I know this requires more effort than strolling down the grocery store aisles tossing things into your cart as you go. I said it was easy- I didn’t say it was going to be comfortable. Making food from scratch is the BEST way to ensure you know exactly what you are putting into the food you feed your family. 

Go ahead and grab a package from your pantry and read the ingredients on the back label- could you make that food at home with ingredients you have (or could buy easily)? If not, it’s not a real food. But there ARE easy real food substitutions for your family’s favorites (ok, pop tarts might not be easy- but salad dressing, mayonnaise, breadcrumbs, crackers… all of these take little effort and make a huge difference healthwise).  


Start simply. What’s a packaged item you eat often– is it the salad dressing with an ingredient list a mile long? Ditch the low fat and welcome the healthy fats that will actually keep you full, and throw out the added sugar that won’t. How about taking five minutes on a Sunday and blending your own dressing for the week? How about those bakery muffins you know aren’t doing you any favors? Healthy, delicious muffins can be made with simple ingredients right from home, in less than 30 minutes. What about the carageenan-filled almond milk you’re drinking to try and choose the healthy option (did you know it’s a carcinogen?)?? Another five minutes and you’ve got tasty homemade almond milk. 

It doesn’t have to be complicated. It might take a little bit of time. But you pay in time now so you get the time later- to live longer, stronger and healthier. 

Try it, this week- simply making something homemade (and stay tuned for some of my favorite homemade items, this week). 

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