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You probably won’t be surprised to learn this was my FAVORITE guide to put together. I love food, and I love sharing and celebrating it!

p.s. ALL of these gift guide posts are packed with items I either use and love, have purchased or have on the list for my own people. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which, if you don’t know already are links that provide Healthy Balanced Mama will a small commission at zero extra cost to you. Which is just one easy way you can support all the free HBM content without buying anything extra. Thank you ALWAYS for your support! I appreciate you!

1) Salt Fat Acid Heat

If this is any indicator of how much I LOVE this book…

I buy it often as a gift (this doesn’t even include the first two times I bought it from a store!!) and use it myself on the regular. The BEST guide for the budding chef, or anyone who’s interested in becoming a better cook. The illustrations are beautiful and fun, and the advice is AWESOME. No doubt my first and best pick!

2) The Flavor Bible

Second only to Salt Fat Acid Heat is the Flavor Bible. My copy is worn and tattered, because I’ve been using it for YEARS, ever since I learned about it in culinary school. It literally brings you through how every ingredient and cuisine imaginable goes together. SO invaluable in the kitchen.

3) Microplane

You’ve heard me wax poetic about my microplane. Mine even broke this year… and I kept on using the broken piece until my new one came in, I love it so much. This makes a great inexpensive and useful gift for the foodie in your life (plus they come in fun colors!).

4) Vegetable knife

My personal favorite knife brand, I love global because they’re super light, sharp, easy to keep clean (and beautiful). The vegetable knife is one of my personal favorites, and a great gift, because it’s a size not many home cooks have- but it works great for tasks you don’t quite need a chef’s knife for… but could use something bigger than a paring knife. For a REALLY good quality knife, the price point is decent, as well.

5) Pasta machine

If you (or your giftee) love fresh pasta, you NEED a pasta machine! Homemade pasta is much easier to make (especially when you have a machine to roll and cut it) and it’s a delicious treat for any foodie.

6) Maldon Salt

Salt might seem like a funny gift, but maldon is different! Flaky and delicious as a finishing salt for savory or sweet (a sprinkle on top of grilled meat or anything with dark chocolate or caramel), and I love that this one comes with a little jar, which makes for a great gift.

7) Artisinal Soy Sauce

If you know, you know. This soy sauce is BEYOND, and for the Japanese food lover… this is a great gift.

8) Thermopro wireless thermometer

A great thermometer is a kitchen essential… a wireless one is next level! This is a great gift for the foodie who might not buy themselves one!

9) The Ninja Air Fryer

Ok, I know air fryers are trendy– but this one also dehydrates, as well as air fries. So cool! Such a great gift (and right now it’s less than $100!)

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10) The Always Pan

Last but not least, this one is on MY personal wish list! I’ve heard great things– what a cool do-it-all pan to have in your kitchen!

Which of these items will you add to your list?? Share with me over on Instagram!

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