BONUS Episode 019: Self Care (it’s not just bubble baths and mani pedis)



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What do you think of when you think of self care?

For many of us, a picture of a perfectly curated instagram scene complete with perfectly waxed legs in a beautifully decorated bath with flower petals, indie music (I’m imagining, here), passionflower kombucha and the latest issue of Mindful magazine comes to mind.

In reality, for many of us, that bath is complete with legs that wanted to be shaven weeks ago (but who has time for that?), moving aside the army of rubber duckies and the Paw Patrol washcloth covering the drain and being interrupted six times before even getting into the beautiful bath… that is now cold.

Self care does not have to be gel manis, two hour massages and sparkly unicorn bubble baths to fulfill your important need to care for yourself, so you can be the best for those around you.

Listen to today’s BONUS episode of the podcast, Episode 019: Self Care

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