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 The day has arrived… somehow, I’m sitting here in my third trimester. It all seems like it’s been so long, and so short, at the same time. This pregnancy feels like it is FLYING by, yet somehow I feel like I’ve been pregnant sort-of forever. 

This summer has been packed, and with Nick away on-and-off for some time now, the busyness of coordinating our Newport-area MOPS group starting in September, finishing up packages with clients (less than 2 months of working left, for me) and having my preschooler with me 4.5 days a week (which will change drastically, in just a couple weeks), oh, and MOVING two weeks from Saturday… I am is feeling the changes, physically and mentally- and I’ll admit, mama is just about ready to settle down and nest. 


The last few weeks have been so busy, I can hardly remember what’s gone on between then and now. We left off with my 28th birthday; since then it’s been all moving and MOPS prep; playdates and enjoying these last few weeks of summer with my big girl.


Overall, I’ve been feeling really good, sometimes doubting whether my belly is growing… until I see pictures like this: 

Week 20- Week 28


Oh, what a difference 8 weeks can make! I’ve been keeping up with my fitness routine, interrupted only this Monday, with some post-run pelvic pain that left me on the sidelines. 


From my Instagram
Humility. I said a few weeks ago the most important thing this pregnancy has taught me is how to listen to my body- well humility comes right along with that. This morning I woke up excited to head out for a cool morning run. These cooler mornings have been so refreshing, I just love hitting the pavement first thing, clearing my head and listening to some upbeat worship music to start my day in the very best way. This morning felt fantastic. Though I’ve been consistently slowing down these last few weeks, I ran steady and strong, my belly felt secure in my band and I came home, sweaty and confident, refueled with a green smoothie and had a quick shower. About an hour later, I started feeling pain in my pelvis. Another hour and walking hurt, my whole pelvis feeling sore and almost inflamed. This whole pregnancy I’ve just prayed for health and discernment when I need to switch things up and change my routine. It’s not easy saying goodbye to something I love so much- and something I’ve been so excited to keep up this pregnancy. But my health and my baby’s health is so much more important than my selfish desires. So with a humble heart I think it’s goodbye running, this third trimester. I’ll stick with my strength training, walking, yoga and pilates to keep my body strong and healthy for labor in just a few short months. A good friend reminded me this morning I can’t compare myself or my pregnancy to anyone- every pregnancy is different. Some women run hours before labor, and some have to stop only a few months in. What’s important is recognizing our limit– oh, how true that is. Fellow pregnant mamas- I know the changes of pregnancy and routine aren’t always easy. But the health of you and your baby are always worth it. Part of me wants to say, “maybe I’ll try just once more…” but I know running doesn’t equal health- just like any other activity, there are so many variations of healthy, and the healthiest thing we can do is listen closely to these wonderful, powerful bodies of ours. ❤️


And listen I’ve done- I’ve stuck to upper-body strength and yoga these last couple of days, and my pelvis certainly feels better- but I won’t be attempting running anytime soon. I see the doc tomorrow, so I’ll bring it up and see what he suggests. 

For now, I’m taking it easy. Soaking in these last few months with this active baby bird in my belly, enjoying our MOPS discussion team retreat on Friday, my baby shower on Saturday and hopefully– starting to settle down and nest, very soon. 


Third trimester- we hit the second big viability milestone– baby has an 85% chance of survival if she were born, today (craziness!). Oh, and I passed my second glucose tolerance test (!!)– more on this, soon! #allthefeels

 Current Bumpdate: 
❊ How Far Along – 28 weeks
❊ Baby Size Comparison – Large eggplant (16 inches long, 2-2 1/4 lbs)
❊ Baby Gender- GIRL ❤️
❊ Baby Nicknames- Baby Bird, Baby Sis, Wrennie (Sage)
❊ Baby Name- Wren Abigail
❊ Symptoms – Still some heartburn from time to time. Pelvic pain. 
❊ Physical Changes – Slowing down, a bit but feeling good. 
❊ Mood – A little stressed- but happy 🙂 
❊ Food Cravings – Seafood, and I’ll admit- I wanted a brownie, BAD on Tuesday night (so I made some!). 
❊ Food Aversions – Nothing too much these days. 
❊ Fitness- Up until now, running 1-2x a week, yoga/pilates and strength. Now: strength, yoga and walking, 5-6 days a week. 
❊ Looking Forward To – My baby sprinkle on Saturday; the start of MOPS in a couple weeks; and NESTING in our new home! 





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