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We made it to the nine-month mark (whoo hoo!) and an eventful one, this month has been. When I left off a whole month ago (it felt like no time, at all!) we had just moved into our new place, and I can finally say we feel settled- no more boxes to speak off, our nursery/big girl room is all set up and just this week, we got the car seat installed. We are ready when you are, baby girl! 

Go-go-go (or not)
Outside of pregnancy, life has been busy. With running our local MOPS chapter and big sister starting a new school (she adores it!), life has not slowed down one bit- but I have definitely been forced to take it slower than I would have, otherwise! Though my energy has still been high, I find myself getting more tired and needing a rest in the late afternoon. I’m happy to share thanks to HelloFresh and Blue Apron, the husband has taken over cooking twice a week (SUCH a blessing, seriously) which has been a huge relief-but I find writing and blogging has been much more of a challenge, not only due to the change in my days with Sage’s new school schedule, but because my back has been killing me! Not even my lower back, which is typical for this stage of pregnancy, but my mid-back, right around my ribcage, which makes me think it might be sweet Wren pressing on a nerve in my ribs. Not a surprise, because she has taken up quite the presence in my belly-despite having FINALLY flipped from breech to head-down, this week. Speaking of… 


Flipping Baby 

On the pregnancy front, there isn’t much to report aside from back pain and a little heartburn, and for that I am so grateful. Blood pressure and all other markers are looking good, but with baby girl breech/transverse for the entire third trimester, it definitely gave us a run for our money. We started having to think about the dreaded what-ifs, and let me tell you- surgery is not in my ideal birth plan! Thankfully, lots of prayers, spinning baby exercises and three rounds of acupuncture/moxibustion (just as weird as it sounds, but hey- whatever works!) worked and she was finally head-down at my 36 week midwife appointment. I’ll likely do a whole post on what I did to flip baby, but honestly- I truly believe babies flip when they are ready! Though it was QUITE the change from last pregnancy, when Sage was head-down and low my entire third trimester. 


Getting Ready 
Like I mentioned above, we are pretty much all ready for baby to come! My hospital bag is packed, baby is getting into position and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to meet our sweet baby bird! But at the same time, I would appreciate it if she cooked just a little longer. My water broke right at 37 weeks with big sister, and she was teeny-tiny, with lots of feeding issues, so we are hoping for a smoother transition earth-side, this time around- which hopefully a couple more cozy weeks in mama’s belly will resolve. Either way, we’re excited and ready for baby sis to join our family. 

Current Bumpdate: 
❊ How Far Along – 36 weeks
❊ Baby Size Comparison – Head of Romaine (around 6 lbs) 
❊ Baby Gender- GIRL ❤️
❊ Baby Nicknames- Baby Bird, Baby Sis 
❊ Baby Name- Wren Abigail
❊ Symptoms – Mid-back pain and a little heartburn, but it’s been better! 
❊ Physical Changes – The belly keeps on growing!! Will it ever stop? 😉 
❊ Mood – Good overall, but definitely a little more testy when my back is at it’s worst. Prayers that the pain will leave with labor, please!
❊ Food Cravings – Not much, really. Food is still not terribly appealing. 
❊ Food Aversions – Not too much here, either. I’ve been eating as I need to. I can’t wait to get my appetite back! 
❊ Fitness- 4-5 days a week, these days- lots of yoga to stretch, strength and walking. 
❊ Looking Forward To – Meeting our little girl (what will she look like?!). So soon! 




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