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This is the one where I get REAL. You want vulnerable? You’ve got it. I shared my story, start to finish (abbreviated, of course) of finding balance and wholeness– from disordered eating, health struggles, perfectionism and unrealistic expectations to happy, healthy and whole. 

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Show notes: Friends, this podcast has been on my heart for some time now. I’ve been a huge fan of listening to podcasts for years. Podcasts have inspired me, educated me, helped me grow my business, improve my marriage, make peace with food and so much more. And when I put it out there to my community some time ago, if they wanted to hear from me in podcast form? The response was a resounding YES. But I had to sit with it for a while. It’s easy for me to write. To sit behind a computer and pour words out onto the page, share my heart in my journal or in the tiny caption box of Instagram. But speaking my story, sharing the truths I have learned, with my own voice, seemed raw, revealing. But friends, if there is anything I have learned over the past few years in my journey to finding true balance and developing my voice amongst the noise in the online healthy living world, it’s that each and every voice matters. My story matters- my story is important not because I am important, but because God gave ME my story for a reason, and I know I am meant to share it. If my story, the wisdom I have gained or the knowledge I share through this podcast, on my blog, my Instagram, my Facebook- if it helps even just one person, it was worth every bit of the vulnerability and courage it took to put it out there. So I think you can imagine, we are going to start the very first episode of the podcast, with my story. An abbreviated version, of course– because my story is long and winding and I have no doubt I will share more and deeper parts of it as time goes on. But I want you to know where I’ve been, the journey I’ve taken to who I am today. I hope some part of my story resonates with you. I think it will. 

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