Episode 043: How we think about food matters more than what we eat with Dani from Clean + Delicious



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Dani Spies is one of my favorite voices (and faces!) in the world of healthy cooking. From her incredibly successful Youtube channel (she has over 1 MILLION subscribers, and genuinely acts like they’re her friends– she’s the real deal, people!) and the wisdom she shares in everyday moments on Instagram, all about living a Clean and Delicious life- which to her, means eating healthy but still ENJOYING our food, and finding balance along the way. In this interview we chat all about: 

  • How Dani got to the balanced place she is at today with food and wellness
  • Mindset, and how we think about food matters more than what we eat 
  • How to get breakfast, lunch and dinner on the table for busy moms 
  • Her six-to-start meal prep concept 
  • Some of her favorite quick and delicious recipes that everyone can make 

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About my guest:Dani Spies is a health, wellness and weight loss coach and the founder of Clean & Delicious; a weekly cooking show on YouTube, where she teaches her community how to eat well, cook more, stop dieting and create a healthy relationship with their food and body.  Dani is known for her easy, approachable style in the kitchen, and her unique ability to inspire and encourage her community each step of the way.

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My favorite Clean + Delicious Recipes:Matcha Protein BitesUn-stuffed Pepper SkilletPopcorn Broccoli (so simple, so good!)Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

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