Episode 090: Intentional eating vs. Intuitive eating for hormone balance with Meg Doll



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As a woman, can you imagine not having a period for TWELVE years? It’s almost unimaginable for many of us, but this is Meg Doll’s story- over twelve years struggling with hypothalamic amenorrhea (a missing period) due to imbalanced hormones following her history of disordered eating- but even after she had healed her relationship with food, her body was still not healed. She tells her incredible story of exactly what it took to re-gain her period and re-gain her appreciation for her womanhood- to celebrate herself and her body and embrace the incredible gift of being a woman.

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About Meg:

Meg Doll is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Spiritual Coach, and founder of The Nourished & Free Collective, an online holistic wellness space for women wanting to reconnect with the brilliance of their bodies and the wisdom of nature. Meg is passionate about guiding women to mental strength, emotional intelligence, and a loving relationship to self through her online holistic business. You can connect with Meg on Instagram at @iammegdoll, her website megdoll.com, or feel like you’re having a weekly hangout with her on her podcast, The Unbreakable You Podcast. 

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