Episode 113: Growth Mindset as a mom and simple, stress-free homeschool with Lori Beth Auldridge



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What does it mean to be a lifelong learner, to have a growth mindset as a mom? I think for many of us, entrance into motherhood feels a little bit like a surrender to our former lives, into a new role as a mom. But being a mom doesn’t mean we stop growing- it simply means our lives have expanded, we have new and different priorities- but we are still US, and when we lose our sense of self, our sense of growth- it’s hard to pass that onto our littles. This is why I am SO excited to share this conversation with you, with Lori Beth Auldridge, founder of the YaYa Mamas sisterhood, creator of guided journals for moms, work-at-home and homeschool mama, on how she does it all- and continues to grow, and how her growth helps her daughters grow right alongside her.

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About Lori Beth:

LoriBeth is a Maui mama to 3 little girls who has been married to her husband, Chris, for almost 7 years. Together they own a successful renovation company flipping houses on the island. But as a mama, her heart beats for all things motherhood and the need for authentic and vulnerable community. She encourages and inspires her audience at yayamamas.com and on her podcast, Elevating Motherhood, is creator of Guided Journals for Mom’s and founder of Yaya Mama’s – a virtual community of women uniting and linking arms in motherhood. LoriBeth is a life long learner, writer, and speaker who focuses on a soft perspective when tackling some of the toughest conversations in motherhood.

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