Episode 114: Creating Healthy Kids Meals with Natalie Monson, RD of Super Healthy Kids



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Creating healthy kids lunches (not to mention breakfast) can feel like an added stress, right along with the rest of the adjustments that go along with back to school (especially with so many changes, this year!). In this episode, I talk with Natalie Monson, RD of Super Healthy Kids all about how to create healthy kids lunches with her super simple system, how to create more ease at breakfast time (she gave an awesome tip I’m going to implement, myself!) how to encourage more selective kids and how to encourage independent, healthy eaters.

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About Natalie:
Natalie is a mom of 4, registered dietitian and owner of Super Healthy Kids and Prepear.  She dishes lots of healthy kid friendly recipes, good routines, parenting and kitchen tips. Natalie is dedicated to help create a healthy and empowered future generation.   You can always find a variety of fruits and veggies in her kitchen and her kids get to be the test subjects of many recipe creations for Super Healthy Kids.   Natalie loves gardening, running races, and organizing all the things.

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