Ep. 122: Baby Making and Beyond with Liz Wolfe, NTP



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Friends… this guest is a dream guest if there ever was one. The Balanced Bites Podcast was the first podcast I ever listened to, and today’s guest helped me personally, even before either of us were mamas, with my journey to finding holistic wellness and balance. Now, as a mama of two, Best Selling Author and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Liz Wolfe has devoted her work to sharing about healthy living, safer skincare and supported parenting and she is on today, to share about baby making- and beyond- everything from optimizing fertility and pregnancy nutrition, supplements, and choosing safer products– but more importantly, how to go with the flow, expect the unexpected, give yourself grace, and ultimately– find balance in it all.


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About Liz: Liz is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner whose passion for healthy food, safer skincare, and supported parenting led her to spend the last decade writing books, creating online programs, and hosting a top-rated podcast to share her experiences with healthier living from multiple angles. She is the author of the Wall Street Journal Best Seller Eat the Yolks, the creator of the Purely Primal Skincare Guide, and co-creator of the online program Baby Making and Beyond. She’s the mother of two fearless, bold little girls who have been the catalyst for profound personal and professional soul-searching (and she wouldn’t have it any other way).

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