Episode 155: Finally Get Baby to Sleep: Gentle Sleep Coaching with Lydia McNair



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Balance is so much more than the food we eat and the way we move- it’s also about balance in motherhood, making sure we’re meeting our basic needs like sleep and self care, so we can show up as the best mamas we can be. So what if our babies won’t sleep!? I know personally, I had two very different sleepers and I can’t say either one was easy– I could have used a gentle sleep coach, like today’s guest, Lydia McNair, certified gentle sleep coach and founder of Gentle Loving Sleep, helping moms stuck between crying it out and waiting it out get their babies to sleep- and get that much needed sleep for themselves, so they can show up as the best moms they can be.

About Lydia:

Lydia McNair has been a certified gentle sleep coach since 2016 and the creator of the Gentle Loving Sleep online course, which launched early in 2020 and has helped over 1000 families so far. She is passionate about helping mom’s who feel stuck between CIO and waiting it out.

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