Ep. 194: The 6 Needs of Every Child with Amy and Jeffrey Olrick



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Do you know what your child needs? I think many parents would answer yes- at least most of the time. Some would throw their hands up and admit they don’t- either way, you’re still a good parent. We’re not meant to be perfect parents, as Jeffrey and Amy Olrick share in this episode- if you’ve ever felt like a failure in your parenting, like you’re spinning your wheels (maybe you’ve even bought the books and tried different parenting methods, but nothing feels quite right) or you’re just not sure how to give your kids what they need- Jeffrey and Amy Olrick are here to share real world advice, based in science, on how relationship and attachment affects both how we parent and what our kids need- and how we can meet our children’s needs, without striving for perfection. This was a hugely helpful episode for me and I know you’re going to love it, too!


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