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I'm Kris, trained chef, culinary nutritionist and busy mom, here to help you take the stress out of healthy eating with flexible meal planning, simplified meal prep and easy budget-friendly meals.

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There are lots of finance experts out there that will tell you exactly how much you should spend on groceries. These numbers might line up with your family’s needs- but they might not. So how do we create a grocery budget that works for your unique family’s needs? In today’s episode, I’m sharing how to create a realistic grocery budget for your family- so you can eat well, and spend less. 

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  1. When you’re creating a realistic grocery budget, start with know what you’re spending NOW. 
  2. Your budget depends on 4 main factors:
    • Your family size 
    • Where you live 
    • How much you have to spend (your overall finances)
    • How you eat
  3. Start with 10-15% of your income (if your income is $6,000 this is $600-900/month, or $150-$225 per week). Consider this against the four factors (is this enough for your family size, where you live, your overall finances- debts, financial goals) and do you need to (or want to) increase it based on how you want to eat?
  4. Compare this to the national averages for a starting point (note these numbers are for the US only).
  5. Put it into action:
    1. Ask- HOW do you want to spend your money? Do you want to do a monthly stock-up of some sort? What’s left over? 
    2. Price out your weekly staples and see what you have left– is this realistic?? 

I teach exactly how to do all of this (and stick to it!) in Healthy Mama on a Budget.

You’ll know you hit your sweet spot when you’re buying the foods you want for meals you enjoy AND it doesn’t feel like a strain.


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