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It’s gift guide time again! You might already know I LOVE reading gift guides and I love choosing gifts for friends and family- so this list is always a fun one to create! My hope each year is it gives you some inspiration for gifting the ones you love in your life- or ideas to put on your own list!

This year I switched up the categories, a little- including options for her, couples and families, littles, the cook in your life, the outdoor enthusiasts (like us!) and book lovers (like me!)- and an under $25 list (though there are LOTS of under-$50 and under $25 options on the list as a whole). As always, I try to feature a mix of Amazon and non-amazon, as I know Amazon is convenient- but it’s also great to support small businesses, as well! Let’s dive on in!

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Just as a reminder, the Amazon links are affiliate links which means I get a small (and I mean small 😉) commission from your purchase at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting Healthy Mama Kris!

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For HER (mom, sister, bestie or YOU!):

  1. The Lululemon belt bag in black
    If you or the mama in your life doesn’t have this, well, you know what to do. It is the most handy (or, well, hands-free), bag for mamas on the go- and it’s simple and sleek with that athleisure outfit you’re probably wearing ;).
  2. The coziest slippers (they come in so many colors!)
    Because her slippers are definitely not as fuzzy as they could be– and she deserves a little extra cozy in her life!
  3. Skylar Clean Perfume in Fall Cashmere
    This one is a splurge but a WELL worth it one– if she loves warm, fall scents (imagine you’re curled up in a cozy cabin and there’s mulled cider in the crock pot), this one is a winner, and it’s non-toxic!M
  4. Anthropologie pear and holly apron (or really, any aprons from Anthro!)
    The adorable new apron I… I mean, SHE definitely needs(Nick, I’m looking at you!)
  5. Osea Body Oil
    If you are not a body oil user, let me convert you– and then all of your friends. Lightweight, not at all thick or sticky, and super moisturizing– it’s a little bit of luxury after your shower or bath, every time.
  6. F*ck this Sh!t Show gratitude journal
    Have a sassy best friend who needs this?? I do, ha! It’s both a parody– and not, a space for her to laugh as she rights down how she’s feeling and what she’s grateful for every day.
  7. The prettiest coupes for entertaining or just enjoying a nightly cocktail or mocktail
    There is just something about sipping from a beautiful glass, right?!
  8. A personalized necklace with her favorite initials or word
    I have fallen in LOVE with Hey June, this year– their jewelry is the BEST quality, I leave them on all the time and often forget to take them off to shower or workout and they’re JUST as beautiful as when I first purchased them– and they’re super affordable, as well!
  9. The acupressure mat that will help her to unwind her musclews after a busy day
    Plus, it’s less than $30- which is a great price point for a little torture- I mean relaxation 😉 These things might seem scary but they seriously work– as someone with chronic back pain, this is a GREAT gift!
  10. The Healthy Mama Meal Planner™️ or Healthy Mama Meal Planning Notepad
    They’re back, and they’re better than ever! The Healthy Mama Meal Planner™️ and NEW tear-off Meal Planning Notepad got a makeover for the Meal Planner’s 5th year in print(!). They’re now totally undated, so you can start to use them whenever you please- no feeling like you missed out on months of planning- with six months of the the same monthly and weekly planning pages you love, a sturdier splash-proof cover, a smaller, sleeker design and over a dozen pages to get organized to simplify and streamline meal planning every week (p.s. there is also a print-at-home option, here, if you’d rather print it yourself!)

For couples and/or families:

  1. Codenames Duet Game (for two)
    My husband and I picked this game up on a whim on our 12-year anniversary trip, this summer and loved it! It would be fun to gift with a bottle of their favorite adult beverage (we played ours while sipping one of our favorite bourbons- Basil Hayden) or some snacks for an at-home date night!
  2. The Adventure Challenge Book for families (or couples book)
    This is such a cool concept– scratch-off for an adventure
  3. Trivial Pursuit 2010-2020 edition
    Designed for those of us a little younger than the generation the original was designed for, the 2010s-2020s were many of our 20’s and 30’s, which makes this a fun trivia largely centered around social media and the digital landscape- I can not wait to gift this one!
  4. Electric Popcorn Maker
    The ultimate must-have for family game night (we have this and LOVE it!)
  5. Soda Stream Terra
    Round out your game night by making your very own fizzy drinks! We love sparkling water with a splash of juice for a yummy, healthier-than-soda drink (but there are also options to make your own soda, if that’s your style!)
  6. Cornhole set (on the go!)
    We LOVE playing cornhole in our family– and this super convenient set from Amazon makes it easy to take anywhere you go- camping, a friends house- or just your backyard.

Kitchen faves for the cook in your life:
My favorite category– these are some of my favorite beautiful and useful kitchen gifts to give and receive!

  1. Greenpan ceramic saute pan with lid
    Healthier than teflon but still nonstick, and a decent mid-range price point with a super convenient lid for steam-sauteing, I LOVE this pad- and it’s beautiful so it makes a great gift! Runner up: A classic Lodge cast iron pan (everyone needs one!)- the one I linked is small, only big enough for about two steaks.
  2. Marble Salt Box
    Enough with the salt shaker! You need the pinch for the best salt technique, which means you need a salt box (sometimes called a salt pig). This one is beautiful and will help you to be a better cook!
  3. Shun Classic 8″ Chef’s Knife. I hesitated putting this one on the list because it is pricey– but it works GREAT, it’s one of my absolute favorite knives. I love the blonde handle! It is worth it for the aspiring chef on your list! Runner-up for a less-expensive option (my go-to knife) is the Global G-2 8″ chef’s knife.
  4. Microplane grater (in a cool color!).
    A microplane is a home cook MUST have for garlic, ginger, citrus, nutmeg and parmesan! They’re inexpensive and come in a ton of cool color (they also make a great host/hostess gift!).
  5. A beautiful wooden charcuterie/grazing board
    Everyone needs a board to show off their charcuterie skills! This one is beautiful at a great price.
  6. For the baker, a gorgeous rolling pin that you can keep on the counter
    It’s no secret I’m not a huge baker- but a rolling pin is an essential for any baker, and if you bake often, you want it within reach! This one is both aesthetically pleasing and sturdy enough for those homemade croissants or your perfect pie crust.
  7. The retro electric kettle of my dreams.
    It’s cute and retro and also works great– I LOVE my Smeg electric kettle and it makes a great gift!
  8. A great cookbook wrapped in a pretty tea towel– one of my favorite gifts for food-loving friends! Salt, Fat, Acid Heat is also a favorite to give to aspiring chefs and home cooks.
  9. An air fryer!
    This is certainly not a kitchen must- but it is a definite nice to have and anyone who loves crispy fried-texture food (but maybe without the actual deep frying) would love this!

For the outdoor enthusiasts (like us!):

  1. The BEST hiking boots (that don’t look too much like hiking boots). The Merrell Sirens have been IT for me, for two years now– I absolutely love them, and I’ve hiked nearly 100 miles in them.
  2. Can we talk about this camping chair for two?! I can’t get over how cute it is– and how nice it would be to snuggle by the fire with my husband without needing to be in two different chairs, ha! It would also be great for 2-3 small kids– less to pack!
  3. My favorite running belt makes a great gift– I’ve been running with the Flipbelt to hold my phone, keys, fuel and water bottle for YEARS- the husband and kiddos gifted me the Flipbelt Elite last year, but both are great.
  4. The best (washable!!) active hats around are these MOVI hats– my husband bought me one because he heard they’re lightweight, washable and they make a compact size for small heads (I have a tiny, kid-sized head!) and I fell in love! I run with mine nearly every day and it doesn’t budge!
  5. This kids tent has made camping SO MUCH nicer– every family is different, but we started our kids in their own tent at 4 and 8 and we haven’t had any problems! They know mom and dad are right next door but we don’t need to worry about waking them coming in late after sitting by the fire and we actually get some peace and quiet getting to sleep. Win-win-win for only $50!
  6. Need starter camp kitchen tools?? Look no further! I wish we had bought this kit right away!
  7. Ok, I’ll admit- this Stanley Pour over Coffee set is on OUR wishlist- but I trust the Stanley brand so I knew it would be one for the list!

For the littles:

Ok, time to dive into our favorites for little humans!

  1. I couldn’t create a gift list without a play cooking set! I love this wooden vegetable cutting set from Hape. This coffee set is also super cute- my kids love theirs!
  2. For big kids, my nine year old LOVES her stainless steel Kai kids knife! Of course I can’t forget our favorite inexpensive kids aprons, as well.
  3. Magna Tiles are one of our favorite low-mess toys- the kids have continued to enjoy them year after year in different ways!
  4. In similar fashion, they also LOVE Legos- we’ve moved them up to the smaller legos as they’ve gotten older, and they’ve become very skilled at making detailed scenes! I know my Harry Potter lovers are going to go crazy over this Hogwarts Lego castle, this year.
  5. If you’ve never played with Scribble Scrubbies, you’re in for a treat- basically, you color all over them- wash them off, and repeat! It’s so much low-mess fun for kids (and adults!).
  6. Speaking of low-mess fun, my kiddo’s Aunts got her this kids robot for her birthday and she is OBSESSED- hours of play time! I can’t recommend it enough!
  7. There is a time and a place for messy fun, and for us- slime is it. This Crayola Slime Kit is endless hours of goopy fun, any kid who doesn’t mind getting a little dirty will love it! And I’ll admit, I love when kids hand me fresh slime to play around with– it’s almost relaxing to roll around in your hands!
  8. For kids who love adventure, especially in the ice and snow, we can not recommend a warm pair of kids Sorel boots enough- my kids have passed on one pair for two years each (bought/worn a bit big the first year) and no complaints about cold–and no slipping!
  9. If you have a kiddo who likes or needs extra comfort, this little pet Purrble toy is such a cool concept! They’re a little pricey- but they’re stuffies that purr and in turn, help with soothing and emotional regulation. So cool!
  10. The fluffiest stuffies– I don’t know a kid who doesn’t love stuffed animals, and Jellycat is by far our favorite brand!! My kids’ favorite stuffies are all Jellycat. I mean, who doesn’t want to snuggle a little kale leaf or a cute dragon??

Bonus: A few kids book recommendations for book lovers- Busy Betty, Perfectly Pegasus, and Cookie Day by Thomas Daddio, Lex Daddio from Daddio’s Kitchen‘s husband!

For fellow bookworms:

You all know I love reading! My favorite books are ones that help me escape the stresses of everyday, whether through Romance, Mystery, incredible imagery or Fantasy… these are my top pass-on-able books that I think would make GREAT gifts!

  1. Part of Your World by Abby Jimenez
    A woman who struggles to find her place in a world different than her own- I didn’t love the main character for a while… but she grew on me, as did the story– and it was a total 10/10!
  2. Book Lovers by Emily Henry
    Though I’m not AS obsessed as I am with Beach Read (I’ve read it three times!), Emily Henry continues to be my favorite Rom Com author, her banter is unbeatable and the story is so cute- I read this one in a day!
  3. Verity by Colleen Hoover
    I know many have either love or hate CoHo, and I won’t take a side (I’ve loved AND hated her books)- but this one was breathtakingly dark, shocking and incredibly good. Now- it is dark, so make sure you read it before you gift it and know who you’re gifting it to- but the right person will LOVE this one.
  4. The Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston
    Gosh, I loved this one SO much more than I thought I ever would. Unexpected surprises that made me absolutely GRIN with delight- a very wholesome, fun romantic comedy I’ll read again and agian!
  5. Every Summer After by Carly Fortune
    This book ripped me apart with emotion, and I absolutely loved it. I FELT like I was there with them, summer after summer… There are plot twists that hurt– but it all works out in a feel-good romance!
  6. Wish You Were Here by Jodi Picoult
    I have been a LONG time Jodi Picoult fan and her books never seem to disappoint. I will say, this took me a little while to get into because part of me felt it was a little too soon after the height of the pandemic… but the imagery and the story- and the TWIST, oh my goodness– was TOO good. I ADORED this and it would make a fantastic gift.
  7. And then there was A Court of Thorns and Roses series. I know I’m a little late to the game, but my GOODNESS are these books good. The whole set is worth gifting for the fantasy/romance lover (though know #4 is actually a novella and in between 3 and 4, more of a 3.5 rather than a full book). Even just giving the gift of A Court of Thorns and Roses to start them off is a gift in and of itself!

Budget Gifts they’ll actually love:

Last but certainly not least– some of my favorite gifts under $25 (that don’t at all feel cheap!):

  1. The Makeup Eraser
    Makeup removal with JUST water- seriously! This one is a game changer and SUCH a good little gift for a friend, sister or gift exchange!
  2. Glass Smoothie cup– this is perfect for the smoothie lover! It’s glass so it feels fancy, it’s eco-friendly and makes drinking smoothies on the go easy.
  3. Explorer Premium Syrups are perfect for the coffee (or cocktail!) lover in your life- they’re made with simple ingredients and super delicious flavors! Pair with your favorite coffee for a cute friend or gift exchange gift!
  4. Michael David Petite Petit is one of my favorite inexpensive wines and makes a great host gift or addition to another gift!
  5. The Five Minute Journal
    The clean version of the other gratitude journal I linked 😉 This makes a great gift for a friend who loves (or wants to get into!) journaling- five minutes always feels doable!
  6. Erasable Writing Tablet
    My kids go crazy for these little writing tablets (doodle boards!)- they save paper and work great for mess-free entertainment on road trips or rainy afternoons.
  7. Monogrammed Mug
    These Anthro mugs are so cute- and who doesn’t love a personalized mug?? Thoughtful yet still won’t break the bank- pair with a delicious tea or gourmet hot chocolate mix!

Click here to check out last year’s list, with gift ideas for the guys, the runner, the cocktail lover, and more!

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