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Kale Caesar Salad



Homemade Caesar Dressing:

3/4 cup homemade mayonnaise (store bought works great, as well)

2 tbsp lemon juice

1 tsp gluten-free worcestershire sauce

2 anchovies packed in oil or 1 tsp anchovy paste (use 2 tsp capers as an alternative)

24 tbsp tbsp fresh grated parmesan cheese (or nutritional yeast for dairy-free)

sea salt to taste

Kale Caesar:

1 bunch kale, rinsed and dried well- deveined and chopped into bite-sized pieces 1/4-1/2 cup homemade caesar dressing

Croutons (see instructions for homemade, above)

Fresh grated or flaked parmesan



  1. In a food processor or immersion blender, add mayonnaise, lemon juice (start with 2 tbsp), worcestershire, anchovy paste, garlic and parmesan.
  2. Pulse or blend until smooth. Add more lemon juice, parmesan and/or sea salt to taste.


  1. Combine kale and dressing- start with 1/4 cup, depending on how large your bunch is, you may need more.
  2. Using clean hands, massage until kale begins to wilt slightly.
  3. Divide into bowls, top with croutons and fresh parmesan.