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Last week, I shared my favorite meal prep tools— but once you get that meal prep done, you need to put it in something, right?!I’ve spent the last couple of years working my way through a variety of different meal prep containers- some great, some not so much. So much so, I have an entire cupboard filled with them- and I still find myself going back to the same, again and again. So for those of you who have wondered, “What are the BEST containers for my prepped food?” I’ve got you. Watch below for my favorite meal prep containers:

1. Egg Container (TJ Maxx)

2. Mason Jars:

3. Weck Jars:

4. Oxo Produce Savers

5. Stasher Bags:

6. Prep Naturals Divided Containers:

7. Pyrex Simply Store:

See a full clickable list of my favorite kitchen tools here (disclaimer: this list may contain affiliate links, in which I receive a small commission for your purchase at no extra charge to you).

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