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I’m taking a little social media break, heading off the grid for a week of camping with my husband (plus a few days of hanging with the kiddos, too!). I’m also on break from the Healthy Balanced Mama Podcast this month to gear up for Season 3 (coming August 31!)- But I didn’t want to leave you hanging while I’m gone, so I’m replaying the top four episodes over the next week, and I thought I’d share with you the top 10 guest episodes I’ve had on the podcast over the last two seasons.

If you missed out on any of these, it’s time to fire up those Airpods and ‘add to queue’! Let’s dig in:

1. Episode 014 with Lex Daddio: Lex Daddio of Restoring Radiance and I chat about her journey overcoming binge eating, going from darkness to light and her transformation from disordered eating to intuitive eating and ultimately becoming a normal eater. This is one episode you do NOT want to miss!

2. Episode 051 with Erin Todd: Erin’s motto is ‘Follow Jesus, not diets’ and I am so honored to have her on, sharing her wisdom on Intuitive Eating from a Christian woman’s perspective, and open up the conversation about Intuitive Eating from a faith perspective.

3. Episode 076 with Simi Botic: Simi Botic was once a “food-obsessing, schedule-filling, to-do-list checking, compulsive-running, corporate attorney” until she gave it all up, letting go of perfection (but not without a fight) to embrace a beautifully imperfect life. This episode is going to rock your mindset and change your perspective as she shares her story of breaking free from perfectionism, finding freedom with food– even with dietary constraints and how to embrace a beautifully imperfect life.

4. Episode 046 with Paige Schmidt: Paige has an inspiring story of breaking free from the hold of calorie counting and dieting, finding freedom; body and soul and a really unique perspective on finding a version of intuitive eating and living that works for you- including the wisdom of value-based budgeting and how we think about food, is how we think about money.

5. Episode 089 with Allie Casazza: Allie is just the most real, straightforward, kick-your-booty-into-gear (in the nicest way) mama who has built a powerhouse business based on helping moms simplify their lives through minimalism in their homes, schedules, relationships and lives. She also has her own history of finding balance with her health, and I was so thrilled to have her come on and talk about all thinking removing the chaos, lightening your load and simplifying in every area.

6. Episode 090 with Meg Doll: As a woman, can you imagine not having a period for TWELVE years? It’s almost unimaginable for many of us, but this is Meg Doll’s story- over twelve years struggling with hypothalamic amenorrhea (a missing period) due to imbalanced hormones following her history of disordered eating- but even after she had healed her relationship with food, her body was still not healed. She tells her incredible story of exactly what it took to re-gain her period and re-gain her appreciation for her womanhood- to celebrate herself and her body and embrace the incredible gift of being a woman.

7. Episode 092 with Dr. Will Cole: As many of us know, inflammation is the root of disease- but how do we manage inflammation and approach our health and wellbeing in an educated and balanced way? I’ve been a fan of Dr. Will Cole and his practical, gentle approach to guiding his patients in healing their bodies and managing inflammation for years- and I love his grace and lightness-fueled functional approach to reducing inflammation to manage many chronic illnesses in his latest book, The Inflammation Spectrum, so I was so thrilled when he agreed to come on the podcast and share his approach with you!

8. Episode 094 with Ashley Gray: The creator and founder of Sunshine and Sage, a sourdough starter and guidance company designed to create connection through sourdough, Ashley’s story of finding freedom with food is intricately intertwined with her love for the ancient art of sourdough. But this episode is so beyond sourdough. We had a deep conversation about self worth, freedom and acceptance, of our bodies and ourselves, and the community that is created when we come together, as mothers, in solidarity. This conversation was a gift to me as a part of it- and I hope you will find the same, for you. (TW: we do discuss abuse in this episode, so it’s not safe for kids or those who are sensitive to these topics).

9. Episode 042 with Dr. Elana Roumell: Dr. Elana is a mom herself and an expert in pediatric integrative medicine, and she believes every mom can gain the knowledge and confidence to become a Doctor Mom. She is an incredible resource for all things natural medicine for kids, and I was blown away by the amount of valuable wisdom she shared with me on the podcast. You don’t want to miss this one! 

10. Episode 071 with Taylor Kiser: When it comes to weaving her faith, fitness and freedom with food- Taylor Kiser is a wealth of wisdom. We had an incredible conversation about finding freedom with food, our worth in God and finding our happy place with eating in a way that feels good, honors our bodies and is totally, completely, free– just like God meant it to be.

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