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 I'm Kris! Former professional chef turned mama, here to help you take the stress out of meal planning, meal prep, and healthy weeknight cooking for busy families & foodies alike. 

Healthy(ish) and delish!

From stirring pasta on a stool over my grandparents' stove to falling head over heels in love with food in the mountains of Italy after a long battle with disordered eating, to using food as a tool to heal a decade of digestive struggles, food has always meant more than simply breakfast, lunch and dinner for me.

I believe food is a source of nourishment, fuel and joy, and through my recipes and classes,  hope to inspire a love of food that nourishes both body and soul, encourage you to take the stress out of planning and preparing meals for your family, and give you the tools to cook with confidence so you too can experience the satisfaction of a meal shared.

Because in the best of times and the worst- good food brings family together. 

trained chef • culinary nutritionist • certified health coach

pizza is totally a food group. 

in our house, we believe

Hey, I'm Kris!

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It’s time to take the stress out of weekday meals. Kris Dovbniak is a trained chef, culinary nutritionist and a mama of two here to guide you in making healthy eating easy and accessible by simplifying your meal plan, demystifying meal prep, taking the stress out of weeknight dinners and helping you learn to cook your family delicious, nutrient-dense meals along the way- without spending hours in the kitchen or thousands of dollars a month at whole foods. Grab your apron, and let’s get cooking!   

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