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Time flies when you’re… nauseous, tired and emotional, right?! Kidding. But the first half of this pregnancy positively FLEW by. Part of it, I’m sure is having another kiddo to run around with, working on big projects, and just being in a busier season of my life in general. But I will say, after a trying first trimester, I welcome the second half of this pregnancy with open arms. 




We left off at 15 weeks, when I comically commented that I felt like I finally had a bump. ha! I might have started to see the start of a wee belly bump, but baby certainly had a growth spurt in next few weeks, because since week 18, I have been undoubtedly pregnant! Though I’m not worrying about weight, my midwife says I’m totally on track (though baby is measuring a week ahead!) and everything seems to be going smoothly.



 The craziest month 


Weeks 16-20 were by far the busiest weeks of my pregnancy, just following the release of my meal prep program meant business has been booming, aaand… my husband was away nearly the entire month. Playing single mama pregnant is no joke! Despite being in school twice a week, taking care of a 3.5 year old full time without help is a tiring task, luckily my sweet girl loves her baby sister and is understanding when mama needs to put her feet up for a second or two. 

At 16.5 weeks I completed the Newport 10-miler, a huge goal for myself as I wasn’t even able to run 2 my last pregnancy. Feeling active feels good (and it’s been paying off!). More about running while pregnant, soon! I passed my glucose test, which was a HUGE happy shock, after having gestational diabetes throughout my last pregnancy; my husband and I celebrated our early anniversary with tickets to his favorite band (we hadn’t seen live in 9 years– 9!!) and I had lots of adventures with the little one, including lots of park playdates, pool trips, aquarium afternoons and even a trip to the zoo. Whew. I’m tired just thinking about it. 


However, happily, I feel like my energy is definitely BACK. I can sustain my workouts longer, am back to feeling good lifting moderate weights and despite some sciatica keeping me from higher intensity workouts, I’ve been feeling awesome working out 5-6 days a week, and being on my feet for activities with the little one throughout the day. I start to crash around 5pm, and I’m thankful for the last few days of the husband being home, he’s been doing the dishes while I veg on the couch (thanks, honey!). 




Passing my early glucose test, for sure! We had our 20 week anatomy scan, and confirmed she’s definitely a girl in there, and everything looks great! My placenta is posterior this time around, which is exciting and different, as I’ve been feeling lots of kicks and punches as of late (starting around 16 weeks), and my husband’s even been able to feel a few. 


Current Bumpdate:  


❊ How Far Along – 20 weeks
❊ Baby Size Comparison – Banana ???? (10 inches, 6.5oz)
❊ Baby Gender- GIRL ❤️


❊ Baby Nicknames- Baby Bird, Baby Sister, Birdie (Sage) 


❊ Baby Name- we shared on Father’s day, our little lady’s name is Wren Abigail 
❊ Symptoms – Nothing crazy, some sciatica down the right side, definitely hungrier! 
❊ Physical Changes – Belly is growing! Baby is kicking like crazy, especially at night. 
❊ Mood – Pretty good, except when I’m tired! 
❊ Food Cravings – Peanut Butter Cups– going strong! I still love my Justin’s, but lately I’ve been into Unreal Foods. So good! Lots of veggies and protein! 
❊ Food Aversions – Still roasted veggies, ick. Sauteed, please! 


❊ Fitness- Still running 2-3x a week, around 3-5 miles. Knocked Up Fitness weight, bodyweight and pilates workouts 3x a week. 1 full rest day. 
❊ Looking Forward To – Our family trip to Cape Cod next week; visiting my bestie in Toronto in July, starting to stock up on baby gear! 


Anything else you friends would like to know about this pregnancy, or pregnancy in general? I love sharing! 




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