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As if making a super smoothie for one meal a day wasn’t easy enough (how does 5 minutes work for you??), one of the EASIEST ways I like to simplify even the simplest of meals is to make smoothie bags!

I like putting these babies together once a week so we have quick, readily available smoothies every day of the week for myself, my husband and my little one. Mix and match different combos, switch up the liquid and you have a whole new smoothie, every time (or not!). 



Here’s how to make them:  
-Gather all your ingredients for however many types of smoothies you’d like to make. It could be one type, or three or four!

-I usually choose 2-3 fruits to mix and match (I usually go with frozen), two types of greens and a few healthy fat choices (chia or hemp seeds, almonds, cashews, etc!). The possibilities are endless! Save the liquid and the protein powder for right before you blend. 

-Start by adding your fruit to baggies- I use a measuring scoop so I know about how much goes into each one. I stick to 1/2-1 cup of berries (low sugar) and 1/4-1/2 cup of tropical fruit or bananas (higher sugar). 
-Add a big handful of greens (mix it up!) 

-Add a tablespoon or two of healthy fats 
-You can also add fun freezable add-ins, like cacao powder or coconut flakes
-Zip and store in the freezer 
-When you’re ready to blend, dump the contents into your blender, cover with 6-12 oz of liquid depending on the consistency you like, add a protein (protein powder, greek yogurt) and blend! 



Check out the video to see how I do it: 


Could it be any simpler?! 

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