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5 Creative Kids Lunchbox Ideas



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It’s that time of the year again- back to school is upon us and so is lunchbox packing time! Personally, I love the thrill of coming up with new lunchbox ideas (does that make me weird?!) but even I need a little inspiration, from time to time. It can be easy to get into a lunchbox packing rut- and we want to give our kids a variety of lunches that are delicious, nutrient-packed and they won’t get bored of. So this year, I thought I’d share five new creative lunchbox ideas- most of which you can prep ahead (you know I’m all about that meal prep)!

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Now, onto the ideas!

Box #1: A twist on the classic PB&J- pb&honey ‘sushi’ rolls!

Smear some PB and drizzle some honey in the center of your favorite wrap, add the banana in the middle, roll and slice!Served with: veggie chips, carrot sticks, a meat stick and yogurt raisins

Box # 2: This pizza pasta salad is a hit with kids and adults!

Served with: sliced cantaloupe melon, snap pea crisps and homemade energy balls

Box #3: Egg cups aren’t just for breakfast!

Packed with protein and veggies, egg cups are the perfect prep-ahead lunch.

Served with: strawberries, rice + quinoa chips, meat stick and an almond butter cup (go for sunflower butter if it’s a nut-free school!)

Box #4: Veggie chicken nuggets– a family favorite!

Packed with veggies (though you’d never know it), these veggie chicken nuggets are as good for lunch as they are for dinner.

Served with: sweet potato fries, blueberries and an energy bar

Box #5: Cucumber, ham and cream cheese mini ‘sandwiches’

These are SO fun to eat- just layer thinly sliced cucumber with cream cheese (mayo works great for a dairy-free option), ham or turkey and another slice of cucumber.

Served with: a fruit pouch, butternut squash crackers and energy balls

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