Episode 007: Ditch the All-or-Nothing #NEDAwareness



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I'm Kris, trained chef, culinary nutritionist and busy mom, here to help you take the stress out of healthy eating with flexible meal planning, simplified meal prep and easy budget-friendly meals.

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Any perfectionists, out there? Enneagram Type 1s? “Do it well, or don’t it at all, types?” 

My husband jokes that I can’t do anything 100%. If I can’t do it 110%, I won’t do it at all. I am a master at over-achieving, and unfortunately, this also carried over to my dieting habits– and it’s true for many of the women I work with, as well. 

Today on the Healthy Balanced Mama Podcast I tackle the topic of the all-or-nothing mentality to help you embrace the gray for a happier, more balanced life.

This week is #NEDAwareness week. If you feel like you are struggling with an eating disorder– TODAY is the day to get help. There is NOTHING more powerful than admitting you need professional help to become your best self. I love working with clients to ditch the diet dogma, but if you are truly struggling, I am not a therapist.

You can call the eating disorder helpline at (800) 931-2237. For crisis situations, text “NEDA” to 741741 to be connected with a trained volunteer at Crisis Text Line. To find a qualified provider in your area, go to: https://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/find-treatment. They even have resources for free and low-cost support. 

For podcast questions or to book a free 45-minute discovery call with me, email me: kris@healthymamakris.com

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