Episode 008: Real Food without Restriction



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I'm Kris, trained chef, culinary nutritionist and busy mom, here to help you take the stress out of healthy eating with flexible meal planning, simplified meal prep and easy budget-friendly meals.

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Real food: food from the farm, the earth and the sea. Food without labels (though those foods can also be part of a balanced life). The food your great-great-great grandmother would have eaten (aka FOOD). Real food is nourishing, and in my opinion the best place to focus when it comes to gentle nutrition- nourishing your body with a variety of real, whole foods with play foods interspersed in there, too. But unfortunately all too often I see the concept of real food being turned into another form of a diet with rules, restrictions and good/bad labels strapped onto food, taking the joy and pleasure and true balance out of one of life’s most beautiful gifts (one of the reasons ditching the diet dogma is KEY in healing your relationship with food, far before even thinking about nutrition). In Episode 8 of the Healthy Balanced Mama Podcast I talk all about enjoying real food- without restriction.

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