Episode 044: Healthy is not a jean size + how to make healthy food delicious with Nikole Goncalves



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If I had to quickly think up one person who brought joy and positivity to healthy living, it would immediately be Nikole! I have been following Nikole over on Youtube for more than five years now, and I adore her energy, passion and enthusiasm for healthy living in a way that is balanced and approachable. I knew I wanted to have her on following the release of her first cookbook, The Healthnut Cookbook, to chat all about living a healthy life without dieting, counting or tracking but with excitement- and fun!We chatted about: 

  • How she became the ‘healthnut’ she is 
  • Why she believes healthy isn’t a jean size (and what healthy living really means) 
  • Why mindset matters and the importance of self care 
  • Meditation and how it’s made a massive difference in her health and wellness
  • How to make healthy food, fast 
  • Her must-have kitchen items 
  • Some of her favorite quick and simple cooking tips 

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About Nikole:Nikole Goncalves is the founder of the hugely popular YouTube channel and blog HealthNut Nutrition, which has over 560K subscribers and over 40 Million views. She is also the author of The HealthNut Cookbook, coming this Fall, which contains over 100 easy, healthy, and delicious meals!

Nikole is a passionate “healthnut” who inspires her audience to live an active, healthy, and balanced lifestyle by showing how easy and delicious it can be. Her “healthified” versions of fresh and tasty dishes are guaranteed to make your taste buds dance and prove that healthy eating doesn’t have to be tasteless or boring!

Nikole’s philosophy is all about finding a balance that works for you. It’s about listening to your body, surrounding yourself with positive people, limiting stress, and enjoying the foods you love. She doesn’t believe in dieting, calorie counting, low fat, or sugar-free labels. Instead, Nikole promotes a holistic and intuitive approach to living a healthy lifestyle both inside and out. She has become a trusted resource for sharing this philosophy on outlets like CTV’s Your Morning, CP24 and Global’s The Morning Show, showcasing quick and easy healthy meals to Canadians across the country.

Find Nikole:
HealthNut Nutrition Website + Recipes
Instagram @urhealthnut
Healthnut Nutrition on Youtube
Order the HealthNut Cookbook

My Favorite Healthnut Recipes:
Banana Oat Pancakes (yes, I blend them… whoops. They come out great!)
‘Beer’ Battered Fish Tacos (OMG is all I have to say)
Snickers Shortbread Cookie Bars
Shrimp Fried Cauliflower Rice
Nikole’s Perfect Green Smoothie Guide

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