Episode 045: 6 Tips for Raising Nourished, Intuitive Eaters



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This is a topic I have been asked a TON about, and one I wasn’t comfortable speaking about for a long time– because friends, you know I’m not a doctor, or a pediatric nutrition specialist. But despite this, what I AM is a holistic nutritionist with a ton of nutrition knowledge, a Certified Intuitive Eating counselor who LOVES teaching about the power of tuning into our intuition around food, and most importantly- a mama who cares a TON about raising healthy, intuitive kids.

So in today’s podcast, I am sharing with you- from my perspective, my very best tips for beginning to raise nourished, intuitive eaters.

Before I even begin, I want you know right off the bat my goal here is to encourage you, NOT to make you feel bad if you’ve done some of these things- I have, I think many of us have, and it’s ok. Your kids relationship with food, just like yours, is always growing and evolving, it’s just your job to foster it. As Maya Angelou said, know better do better- and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

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