Episode 046: The way we are with food is the way we are with money with Paige Schmidt



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Today I have the absolute honor to share with you one incredible lady– the one and only Paige Schmidt. Paige is not only an incredible Intuitive Eating Counselor, Health Coach, and Finance Coach, she also happens to be my own personal ‘everything’ coach, as I like to call her. She has an inspiring story of breaking free from the hold of calorie counting and dieting, finding freedom; body and soul and a really unique perspective on finding a version of intuitive eating and living that works for you- including the wisdom of value-based budgeting and how we think about food, is how we think about money. There is SO MUCH insight and encouragement in this episode, friends!

We talked about:

– Shifting away from control and breaking free of a rules-based mindset

– How the way we are with food is the way we are with money (and how to move away from ‘diet-budgeting’ as I like to call it)

– Making food choices based on our future selves

– Why intuitive eating doesn’t need to look a certain way

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About my guest:

Paige Schmidt is a Certified Health Coach, Intuitive Eating Counselor, and Ramsey Certified Financial Coach. Over the past 7 years, she has helped hundreds of women (from all walks of life and every corner of the globe) change their lives in the most powerful way imaginable — by being true to themselves, without being ruled by any kind of dogma (even ‘intuitive eating’ dogma!). She believes that her clients — just as they are — are fully capable of connecting to and honoring their body’s signals, and of trusting themselves and letting go of rules, restriction and obsession. She provides them the guidance in private and group coaching to bring all of this out, within themselves.

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