Episode 047: The Key to Finding Your Beautiful Balance (Body Trust)



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From a young age, many of us were taught to NOT trust our bodies. This wasn’t always intentional, but we’re told to rely on portions, the food on our plate, macros or calories to determine how much to eat, timing to tell us when- and all of this creates a disconnect with our bodies that can hinder us from truly finding what works.

And here’s the thing: we can’t create a sustainable balance for the indefinite future if we don’t trust our bodies to tell us the changes we need to make, we’ll just continue to jump from plan to plan or rule to rule, we can’t control our bodies for long– then we give up and feel completely out of control. The more we control, the less we trust.

So how do we begin to learn how to trust our bodies, in order to find the balance that works for us? Listen in to today’s episode as we explore the concept of body trust, and how it’s the key to finding your beautiful balance.

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