Episode 070: A conversation about body image, motherhood and comparison: Q + A with Tanja Shaw



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Today I’m sharing a bit of a different podcast, with you all- and I’m super excited about it! Tanja Shaw and I came together and asked our communities for questions surrounding body image, motherhood and intuitive eating- and we got four GREAT questions we answered together on this podcast.

We talked about:

  • As a mom, how are you raising girls (kids) with good body image?
  • How do you teach an intuitive eating style to kids?
  • How do you stop comparing yourself to social media/ online image?
  • I’m recovering from disordered eating and trying to listen to my body, but then a friend tells me about the plan they are doing (keto, etc.) and I get triggered. How can I shield myself from this?

I think you are all going to LOVE this episode.

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About Tanja: Tanja Shaw is a sought-after lifestyle coach, keynote speaker, founder of Ascend Fitness + Lifestyle, a holistic health coaching studio in Chilliwack, BC, and The Whole You Transformation ProjectTM. Tanja has built a credible reputation for helping 1000s of men and women ditch the diet, find real health, and feel GOOD in their bodies, so that they can have the freedom to fully experience life.

Tanja, her husband Keith, and their son Jacob live in Chilliwack, BC, about an hour outside of Vancouver Canada. She loves being active outdoors, such as running, hiking, paddle boarding, mountain biking and camping. She also loves a good cup of coffee and glass red wine.

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