Episode 073: Why things happen FOR you: food freedom and chronic illness with Chelsea Gross



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Finding food freedom while navigating a chronic illness (or more than one chronic illness) is no easy feat- but Chelsea Gross does it with grace, and shares an incredible message along the way: you can feel free around food and confident in your body, despite your circumstances. Tune in to today’s episode for our incredible conversation on living with chronic illness, mindset shifts and learning to accept our bodies, exactly as they are.

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About Chelsea: Chelsea Gross is a Certified Nutrition + Mindset Coach, who helps women break the diet/binge cycle for good so they can feel free around food & confident in their bodies. Her passion for a healthy mind and body comes from her own struggle with multiple health issues and a disordered relationship with food and her body for nearly a decade. Debilitating chronic pain in 2014 was a rock-bottom moment and the catalyst for her to finally address her health issues, unhappiness, and heal her relationship with food. She learned early on in her training that things don’t happen to us, they happen for us, so Chelsea took her mess and made it her message. Today Chelsea empowers and guides women through releasing obsession around food and weight so they can finally enjoy the beautiful life they have free from the rules and restrictions that keep them stuck.

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