Episode 078: Body Positivity and not stressing postpartum with Victoria Myers, RDN



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How comfortable are you with your body changing? Do you consider yourself body positive? I know for myself, the answer was not at all– for a really long time. But one of the women who helped shift my perspective, and embrace my body exactly how it is- is Victoria Myers. Victoria Myers is a fabulous non-diet dietitian, women’s health advocate, and host of one of my personal favorite podcasts, the Nourishing Women podcast. A new mama herself, I asked her to come on and share with us what it means to embrace your body, get comfortable with weight gain and not stress about losing the baby weight. She delivered some incredible wisdom and I can’t wait for you to hear her share.

LISTEN: Listen on iTunes | Listen on Stitcher | Listen on Google Play | Listen on SpotifyToday’s Guest:Victoria Myers is the dietitian and owner of the virtual private practice and online education center Nourishing Minds Nutrition. Victoria and her staff specialize in empowering women to ditch diets, regulate hormones, heal digestion and learn to practice wellness without obsession. She is also the host of the popular intuitive eating and wellness podcast, the Nourishing Women Podcast. Her mission for her community is to help them let go of the unhealthy obsession with eating healthy, make peace with their body and live their lives to the fullest.

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