Episode 103: A conversation on digestive struggles and intuitive eating with Katherine Herbison



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Intuitive Eating and finding freedom with food in and of itself is a journey of un-learning, growing in trust in yourself and your body… but what if food freedom starts to feel a little less than free? What if you struggle with digestive issues or another chronic health condition that throws you for a loop and threatens what you’ve worked for for so long… what has come to feel like freedom?

I asked my friend and fellow Intuitive Eater, former health coach, Katherine Herbison on to share about what life is like with two different (but also, in many ways similar) experiences with digestive struggles as Intuitive Eaters. This conversation is real, raw and SO worth a listen.

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About Katherine: Katherine Herbison is a lifestyle and wellness blogger, safer beauty advocate, co-host of the Embracing Balance Podcast, and virtual assistant based in Minneapolis, MN empowering women to tap into their intuition and find true balance in their lives. Her goal is to authentically share how she’s finding balance in my life, and encourage others to do the same. When she’s not working, she loves finding the best coffee shop, baking sourdough bread, and hanging out with her husband and cat.

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