Ep. 282 Pro-Metabolic Eating for Hormone Health with Dr. Heather Rhodes



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If someone asked you to point to your metabolism- could you? It’s a trick question- because your metabolism isn’t something you can point to- it’s a part of every one of your bodily processes, converting food into energy and powering every cell of your body- including your hormones! Your metabolism and your hormones are intricately linked, and it’s why eating and living a pro-metabolic lifestyle is so powerful for our hormones and our overall health. The world of pro-metabolic eating is rapidly growing, and I wanted to have returning guest Dr. Heather Rhodes on to talk about how metabolism relates to our hormones, and how simple, balanced and downright delicious!) eating for a healthy metabolism can be. 

We talk about: 

  • What metabolism is and why having a healthy metabolism is so important to hormone function 
  • How pro-metabolic eating differs from conventional/diet-culture views of nutrition and holistic nutrition
  • What PUFAS are and why we might want to look at our intake 
  • Why dairy is way healthier than we might think 
  • Why low carb is not supporting our hormone function 
  • Raw greens… are they really the superfood we think they are?! (dun dun dun!) 
  • A resources we created to help YOU eat deliciously pro-metabolic!

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Dr. Heather Rhodes is a holistic pharmacist with a passion for women’s health. Her deepest desire is to grab hands with each woman feeling lost, stuck, defeated, and hopeless. Together, she can guide them through the journey of education and healing options. Her natural approach to healing creates lasting results and symptom relief specifically for PCOS, PMS, Acne, and Fertility.  She is here to encourage at each step of the way!

Connect with Dr. Heather:
Instagram: @drheatherrhodes
Website: www.drheatherrhodes.com
Freebie Links:  https://www.drheatherrhodes.com/hormonesupport

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