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Ok friends, I’ve been asked time and time again when I share about running- what is my favorite gear? Honestly, the BEST thing about running is it doesn’t require a ton of gear! It’s an outside, fresh air kind of activity, no gym membership required (unless of course you want to run on a treadmill, which is 100% ok, just not my style!). However, there are a few things I feel I would prefer to not live without. These are the few essentials I’ve come to love and used for years as a seasoned runner of 15+ years, but just remember- all you need is a pair of sneakers and some comfy clothes to get out there and run!

Clothes and shoes:

  1. Shoes. Ok, these truly are essentials. My best recommendation? Go to a store and get your gait and arch measured. Decide what feels good for you, as well. Do you like something super-supportive (like Hokas?) or more lightweight and minimalist? I like a little support, but I also love a lightweight shoes. My go-tos have been Asics (I wear the GT 2000- I am a neutral/slight overpronator) for the vast majority of my running life, but I’ve also had success with Brooks (I like the Ghosts).
  2. Clothes: Loose fitting clothes are what is recommended- but ultimately, wear whatever YOU feel comfortable in! Here are my go-tos:
    1. Lululemon running shirt and compression leggings (these are my $27 favorites from Amazon!)
    2. Lululemon running shirt and shorts I like bike shorts or running shorts– I personally like the kind with tighter shorts underneath.
    3. For colder runs, I wear a Lululemon long sleeve (same shirt, in the long sleeve version) and a vest OR a tight fitting, no string zip up (this is the one I wear, though it’s not made specifically for running).
    4. Ear warmers + running gloves. When it’s colder, I’ll also wear these to protect my ears and hands!
    5. Great socks– You want socks that are breathable! I like the kind that are lightly cushioned and high on the back so they don’t rub. This obviously depends on your shoes but socks make a HUGE difference. Look for ones that don’t cause chafe based on the shape of your shoes!
    6. Last but not least, I often run with a hat or headband. My favorite hats are the Lululemon Fast and Free and the Nike Womens Featherlight hat

For longer runs:

  1. Running watch. Though I don’t think this is an essential for a new runner, I do find it helpful to track pace and for the GPS feature (so I know how far I’ve run!). I have the Garmin 245 and LOVE it.
  2. Running belt. Again, not an essential- but helpful especially if you want to carry fuel or water. My go-to has been the Flipbelt– I recently upgraded to the elite with the water bottle and love it.
  3. Portable water bottle. I’m not a huge fan of the camelbak-style water option, so I use the ones that go with the Flipbelt (you can purchase them individually) and they’ve worked well for me with or without the belt (on the rare days I don’t wear the belt!) they’re super lightweight, thin and hold a good amount of water.
  4. Megababe thigh rescue. This IS the GOAT. The one essential you need aside from sneakers, if you’re going to be running longer than a few miles, or like me (and most of the rest of the world), your thighs touch when you run. Get it, girl! It’s a game changer.
  5. Sport earbuds. The ones I use are only about $60 and work great! Going cordless has been a game changer!
  6. Reflector vest if I’m going to run in the early morning or evening. It’s not cute- but safety is important, friends!
  7. Electrolytes- I’ll share more of my favorite fuel, in a future podcast episode, but electrolytes are a MUST especially in the heat. My go-tos are Liquid IV (this is more of a sports drink, I use it on longer runs) and LMNT (I drink this daily).
  8. Compression Sleeves. Again, not an essential for everyone, but helpful for tight calves and shin splints.
  9. Sunscreen. You need to keep that skin healthy! My favorite is the Alba Cool Sport Sunscreen. It’s a little more on the natural side of things and it sprays on- otherwise I won’t wear it!


I’ll share more of my favorite fuel in the future, but because I know I’ll be asked– my favorite fuel is:

  1. Honey Stinger Gels. My alltime favorite gel that doesn’t mess with my sensitive digestion!
  2. BOLT energy chews. I typically use the non-caffeinated ones, and I find they’re great to be able to portion out a few when you need them on long runs.

Click here to see my whole list of favorite running gear on Amazon.

That’s it, friends! I hope you found this helpful- I’d love to hear your favorite running gear, so leave a comment or shoot me a message over on Instagram!

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