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Maybe it’s because I’m married to a sailor, or that I’m a Rhode Island girl to the core, but I love the symbolism of the anchor: the thing (or things) that hold us in place when everything around us is rocky. The simple things I do daily anchor me to the life I want to live: one of health and happiness, devoted to my family, my calling and following God’s will in all that I do, because He is the ultimate anchor (Heb. 6:19) My anchors are the things I do daily to care for my body and my soul to keep me steady; feeling good and centered no matter what storms life throws at me, whether it be a brief squall or a hurricane that threatens my balance.


I find around the holidays especially, these are the things I rely on to feel good, body and mind, throughout a season that is full of so much noise and stress; diet comments from friends and family, obligations stacked on top of obligations. Maintaining my daily anchors are what keep me steady and afloat, and yours might be different than mine– but determining what your anchors are is key to living your best, healthiest mama life. 


Anchor ⚓️ 1: Lemon Water 
I’ve been sharing this one a lot lately, because it’s one of those simple things that has made such a difference in my health- digestive health, energy and immunity.

Try: Squeeze the juice of 1/2 a small lemon (you might need to work up to that much) in a glass of water and drink it down, first thing. 



Anchor ⚓️ 2: Quiet Time + Gratitude Journaling 

I became a Christian more than three years ago, but daily quiet time was something I really needed to get into the habit of- and once I did, I can’t start my day without it. Whether I’m working on a bible study or just journaling on scripture, I like to spend some time- sometimes it’s only ten minutes; sometimes it’s the better part of an hour, it all depends on the day- digging into the Word, meditating on what the Lord has for me this day, this week. It centers me on my purpose in all that I do; and helps me to remain in a posture of gratitude throughout my day. No matter what your belief system, I believe starting the day in gratitude and prayer is imperative for living your best life!

Try: Starting the day by reading a scripture and writing a few sentences on what it means, to you; and/or writing down five things you are grateful for, in your life. 

Anchor ⚓️  3: Daily movement 

Moving daily, in some way- and this doesn’t have to be structured exercise- is a non-negotiable for me. Simply getting my blood flowing and getting a little sweat on inspires me to make healthy choices that serve me throughout my day. 

Try: Get outside and enjoy the crisp air with a nice walk, go for a run (if you’re brave), do a yoga flow or go to the gym- whatever feels good, for you.


Anchor ⚓️ 4: The Healthy Mama Smoothie 

I drink a green smoothie 5-6 days a week, and it’s my favorite way to start the day. I created the Healthy Mama Smoothie Formula as a balance of veggies, fruit, protein and healthy fats to keep me satiated and satisfied throughout the day- making it easier to make mindful choices throughout the day. I switch it up when I feel like it- I’m all about being intuitive with food, but this is a habit that just feels good. 

Try: Check out the Healthy Mama Smoothie Formula for yourself! 


Anchor ⚓️ 5: Weekly Meal Prep

I like spending just an hour or so planning and prepping food for the week to make meals easier throughout the way. This way, I know I have healthy options on hand when we get home late, or we’re rushing in the morning, or we stretched that playdate a bit too long. Rather than grabbing takeout (which is perfectly ok, sometimes- we just don’t want to get into the habit of it all the time). 

Try it: Learn the 5 Components of Meal Prep or to dive in further check out my Healthy Mama Meal Prep online course

Are you looking to find balance in your healthy mama life in the new year? Ditch the notion of dieting for health and find true health and happiness through habits that last. Join us on January 1-7 for Habits for Health, a free mini-course to help you find the anchors that create your best life. 





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