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If I had a dime for every time someone sees my school lunch posts and asks me, “But what do you pack for your two-year old?”... I’d have a few bucks.

But still- what DO you pack for a two year old?I’ll be honest with you: my (current) two year old is FAR more, we’ll call it, selective... than my former two year-old (now almost seven). Sage has always been more adventurous and open to trying new things, where Wren is a little more, “NO EAT!”. She’s sweet, but she sure does have ‘pinions.

So when it comes to packing her lunches, my number one thought is, “Will she try this?” and my second is, “How can I make this more fun?” followed by- “How can I add some variety?”

My podcast guest episode with Natalie from Super Healthy Kids was an awesome reminder that kids need a mix of encouragement and comfort (things they like alongside new things) to be gently encouraged to try new things. So we include things we know she loves with new things, and try different combinations!Here are a few toddler-friendly lunch ideas loved by both my kids:

1) Fun pasta (we love Banza shapes for some extra protein) with butter and peas (some green in there!), berries + cheese for extra protein

2) Pizza bagels- cheese and pepperoni for protein in a fun package, with a Go-Go Squeez- a great way to sneak in some extra veggies!

3) Skewers are always a fun way to serve food- meat or fruit! These are turkey pepperoni and grass-fed cheddar on a skewer, with berries and olives (my kids LOVE olives). Simple, fun and tasty!

4) Lunchable-style cracker stackers, toddler style- with some small halved grape tomatoes (quarter if large) and raisins.

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